Sustainable Development, Migration And The Multi-Cultural Destruction Of The Nation-State

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The Trilateral Commission: the fundamendal driving force behind forced mass migration
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Canada Free Press
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6 April 2016
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Our American Future
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Depending on where you live and how sensitive you are to the global mass-immigration crisis, your reaction to it will be somewhere between head-scratching and shell-shocked incredulity...

A major player is Peter Sutherland, who in past years has served as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization, as Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, as EU Commissioner, as Chairman of BP and Chair of London School of Economics Council, among other things. Most importantly, however, he is the European Honorary Chairman of the elitist Trilateral Commission.

His relevance to this article is that in 2006 he was appointed by the United Nations’ to be the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration.

Needless to say, whatever comes out of Sutherland’s mouth is certifiably representative of official policy of the Trilateral Commission and the global elite at large... many consider him to be the “father of globalization”...


Sweden first opened its doors to Muslim immigrants in the 1970s. The trickle of migration was slow at first, but increased over the decades as turmoil in the Mideast produced more refugees. Today, Sweden’s culture is as much Islamic as it is Swedish. Muslims have steadfastly refused to assimilate into Swedish culture, and now the nation is paying a high social price for their naiveté: It has become the rape and gang-rape capital of the West.

In spite of the European crisis, Sutherland wrote in late 2015,

“Human mobility benefits not only migrants and their families, but their countries of origin and destination as well… No other force‚ not trade, not capital flows has the potential to transform lives in the sustainable, positive ways and on the scale that migration does.”

...It is not surprising that migration is now included as an official part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda that created the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in November 2015. Sutherland addressed this in his report, Migration Is Development: How Migration Matters to the Post-2015 Debate...

Goal 10.7 of the SDGs reflects this to “Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies.”...

Sutherland’s use of the word “interdependence” will be remembered by early students of Trilateral Commission literature from 1973 onward... However, there was never any demand or need for interdependence among nations, but Commission doctrine insisted that it was a given fact of life and that nations were going to necessarily meld together...

By now, you should not be surprised to realize that the policies seen in Europe are identical to those seen in the United States, especially with respect to the border with Mexico.  Even when Congress has legislated wall-building and approved funding, the Executive Branch of government has flatly refused to comply, and we are left with an open-sieve border... Republicans have been just as complicit as Democrats in shunning border controls.

Sutherland and his fellow Trilateral Commission cronies in Europe were primarily responsible for the creation and advancement of the European Union system of governance. The Commission has exerted a similar hegemony in the United States since the election of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale in 1975, both of whom were Trilaterals.

Subsequent Trilaterals include George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Dick Cheney. Obama is not a member but he is surrounded by Trilaterals. Economic and trade policies have been dominated by Trilateral members: nine out of twelve U.S. Trade Representatives since Carter have been members of the Commission. Six out of eight World Bank Presidents have been members.

Finding the same migration policies in two different parts of the world strongly suggests a single source, namely, the Trilateral Commission.

For further information, please read Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, where I have thoroughly documented the unmistakable connections between the Trilateral Commission and the UN’s Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, as well as its connections to Technocracy...