Syrian refugees are coming here, too, and aid groups are getting ready

Article author: 
Deepa Bharath
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OC Register
Article date: 
5 September 2015
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National News
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As hundreds of thousands of Syrians make their way across Europe, some by foot, local agencies are preparing for some of those people to land here.

“We are expecting a wave of Syrian refugees in Orange County,” said Nahla Kayali, founder and executive director of Access California Services, an Anaheim nonprofit that provides services largely to Muslim refugees and immigrants.

In the past month, Access California Services has helped at least 30 Syrian refugee families moving to Orange County, providing everything from financial aid and school supplies to mental health services.

Kayali said most of those families spent several years in other countries before receiving refugee status from the United Nations and finding their way here. ...

Although Orange County organizations should start preparing to receive incoming refugees, efforts also should be made to prevent refugees from fleeing the country, said Hussam Ayloush, national chairman of the Syrian American Council.

“We’re working with President (Barack) Obama and the Congress to establish no-fly zones in liberated parts of Syria, to protect civilians from airstrikes,” said Ayloush ...

California is home to the largest Syrian population in the nation ...

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