Thanks to incoming Muslim rep, Congress expected to allow hijabs on House floor

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Another example of creeping Sharia
Article author: 
L. Charm Tenenbaum
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
27 November 2018
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... Newbie representative-to-be Ilhan Omar, a hijab-wearing Democrat from Minnesota's 5th District, the first Somali Muslim woman elected to Congress, asked the leadership of the House of Representatives to abandon the rule against wearing any head covering on the House floor when in session (said rule was imposed by the 25th Congress on September 14, 1837), and her wish appears slated to become the House's command.

It is 181 years since the original rule was imposed, with nary a challenge, overt or covert, 'til now.  No tam o'shanter, fascinator, Balmoral bonnet, fedora, sombrero, Tyrolean, kufi, ushanka, shtreimel, Stetson, toque, zucchetto, bowler, pillbox, turban, or fez imposed itself atop a member's brow....
Over time, Congress has had a variety of ethnic and religious members: Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, Syrian Antiochan, Greek Orthodox, and Quaker, in addition to Jewish and various sects within Christianity.  In addition, there have been two Muslim representatives prior to Omar.  None of the groups mentioned above was hard pressed to press the House leadership to okay head coverings during any of their terms of  public service....



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