The Three Reasons People Hate Trump

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and you can change two of them
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Brent Hamachek
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American Greatness
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7 May 2024
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National News
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... First are the "sillies." These are people who hate Trump purely because of his demeanor. They don't like the way he throws insults around, the way he has been caught on tape talking about women, or any of a number of other reasons that relate to personal attributes as opposed to matters of policy or his ability to govern. I say this is silliness because we are not voting for a person; we are voting for the president...The idea that they are putting personality above policy or principle is simply silly.

... The real question is, would you rather have Obama's smile and his socialist approach to governance, or would you rather have a somewhat caustic and abrasive person (Winston Churchill comes to mind) who tries to do what you think is better for the nation?...


The second group of folks with what gets called "Trump derangement syndrome" are those who hate the candidate-in-chief for reasons that are subconscious or subliminal. There are three main drivers of this subconscious hatred. They are guilt, shame, and altruism...

Donald Trump is unapologetic in his love of country and his claims that America is exceptional and that the needs of our nation and its citizens must be placed first in any and all considerations involving domestic policy or foreign diplomacy...

For a large number of people... carry with them a feeling of guilt that they are doing so well... and that they simply can't support a person who runs around saying that America is great and Americans come first. To see Donald Trump aggressively touting such a message makes them feel ashamed...


There is a third group of Trump haters who cannot be reached and with whom all must reckon. Those are the sinister ones - the ones who are not conflicted by Trump's "America first" message but who are instead vehemently opposed to it.

These are the people who are rightly labeled as globalists - people who want America to recede into the middle of a heterogenous, global community, setting its strong nation-state aside... "Lead from behind" is just one of the more coffee mug-ready ideas that they hold, all of which seek to have us become part of Orwell's Oceania...

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