Time to Rethink Your Never Trumpism

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Kurt Schlichter
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Article date: 
20 April 2024
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National News
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Okay, my Trump-shy friends, it’s time to put aside your fussy principles about how icky Donald Trump is. This is serious, and we need all hands on deck to throw Biden overboard before he gets a whole lot more Americans killed. I get that you don’t like Trump. Let’s agree that he’s icky for the purposes of this discussion...

This is for the Republicans who have thought about it and have a real problem with Donald Trump...

Let’s look at where our country is right now. It’s in a hole, and our alleged president is still digging. We have a wide open border. Fentanyl is killing tens of thousands a year. Ten million illegal aliens have streamed across. We know many of them are criminals. They’re raping and murdering Americans right now. We can be relatively sure that a significant number of Chinese military infiltrators are among them. That will end badly unless we have a president who will do something about it, which Biden certainly never will. We can also surmise that a large number are active terrorists who, at some point, will launch a killing spree of the sort I wrote about in my new book, The Attack...

If Donald Trump is not elected president in November, this will continue for another four years. That is a lot of dead Americans. And you’ve got to ask yourself if protesting mean tweets worth those lives... Even if you sit out the election, you’re effectively supporting Joe Biden by not actively supporting Donald Trump...

What else are you choosing? Well, you’re choosing to abandon Israel to Hamas. That’s what Joe Biden is doing. You’re choosing to throw the Jewish state to the mercy of those psychopaths. And you’re doing it because you don’t like Donald Trump. Come on.

I’m not asking you to like Trump. I’m asking you to actively support him...

It’s time to get serious and abandon the posturing...


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