Tucker destroys the Democrats’ January 6 narrative

Article author: 
Andrea Widburg
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
8 January 2023
Article category: 
National News
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Tucker Carlson’s monologue on Friday night, the second anniversary of January 6, was outstanding. He stands athwart the Democrats’ perverted narrative and hollers, “Stop.” And if you need more evidence about how the narrative is being perverted, a new media reporter named Tayler Hansen tells about what really happened on that day because he was there—and standing next to Ashli Babbit when she was murdered.

Tucker’s pointed monologue focuses on the lies that Democrats have been telling about January 6 since January 6 itself. He even acknowledges what many of us have been thinking: The speed with which the media and political class coalesced around the insurrection narrative suggests that the narrative may have been in place before January 6. And since none of us believes that Democrats have the Nostradamus-like ability to see the future, maybe something else is going on....


... One of the things you might have noticed is that Ray Epps’s name always appears in these narratives. You can learn more about him here. There’s something strange going on about what he did, what he said (“I also orchestrated it”), and the way the J6 committee treated him....


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This was a coup... it was a very organized and carefully planned coup. VP Pence without a doubt as well as most members of the house were quite aware of how the certification was going to be MANAGED. It would require new rules to prevent the debate clause from occurring! New rules that ONLY AN EMERGENCY CRISIS COULD CREATE! So, they created an emergency...