Two Years In Prison For Offending Islam - In Europe!

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Bare Naked Islam
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3 September 2023
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National News
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Blasphemy laws are seeing a revival in Europe, but you can insult Christianity all you want. Only one religion in Europe today enjoys laws, courts, officials and correctional apparatuses: Islam. And it has achieved this through violence, threats, terror, fear, intimidation, blackmail and boycotts...

The European Court of Human Rights sentenced a woman in Austria because her statements represent “an attack on the Prophet of Islam which could arouse prejudice and threaten religious peace”. In a seminar in 2011, Sabaditsch Wolff , basing her words on Islamic texts, called Mohammed a paedophile because of his marriage to Aisha. An Austrian court convicted her of “denigrating” Islam...

Fast forward to 2023.

“Politicians congratulate al-Qaeda, Iran and Erdogan,” headlined the Danish newspaper Politiken, after Denmark announced the long-awaited law to protect the Koran. What does it mean? Two years in prison for those who burn or profane the Koran...

Anyone who does not understand what what is happening must think of the series of trials in Europe already held against those who have criticized Islam...

Only one religion in Europe today is being protected from criticism. And it will lead to Europe’s destruction.


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