Understanding the 'Always Blue' Mindset

Article author: 
Greg Salsbury
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American Thinker
Article date: 
20 November 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Republicans are invariably frustrated that facts don’t move the dial in elections. No matter how bad Democrats are, nothing changes. The reason is simple: Democrats associate "blue" with all good things...

In his best-seller, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explains that part of why too many young people remain stubbornly attracted to smoking, despite decades and hundreds of millions of dollars of educational campaigns, is that Hollywood and other key influencers continue to portray heroic and "cool" counter-culture characters as smokers...

... a commonly expressed philosophy of this voting block: "Always vote blue, no matter who."

Republicans should wake up and take note of this dynamic - specifically, by acknowledging that Democrats have successfully used it for decades, especially on college campuses...

This indoctrination process not only pushes left-leaning thinking while censoring or condemning conservative positions. Significantly, it promotes reflexive belief more than critical thinking - a belief built from simple association: Blue = Good; Red = Bad...


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Three Dimensions of Ideology: "Conservatives View Things Along A Civilized/Barbaric Axis…", by John Derbyshire, 20 January 2013:

Conservatives view things along a civilized/barbaric axis, liberals along an oppressed/oppressor axis, and libertarians along a freedom/coercion axis. Conservatives will thus favor things that correlate well with (in particular, Western) civilization, while opposing things that correlate with poorly civilized societies or that would directly contradict salient features of civilization. Progressives, on the other hand, don't care about civilization - they care about defending the oppressed and opposing the oppressors. The "civilized" side can be the wrong side if it's taking on the role of an oppressor. And Libertarians don't see civilization or oppressors - they only want to know if someone is being coerced to do something - that's the wrong side.


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