How and Why the Democrat Party Hates America

Book review of:
The Democrat Party Hates America
by Mark R. Levin, 2023 (400 pages)
ISBN-10: 150118315X
ISBN-13: 978-1501183157

The Democrat party hates America

I grew up in a liberal household. A frequent complaint was that all Republicans could do was make money; it was only Democrats who were concerned with providing education and a social safety net for the less fortunate.

Another way to frame that perspective is that those who are successful within our capitalist system tend to be conservative - that is, they wish to conserve our culture, rule of law, our Constitutional Republic, and the American way of life. Those of a more liberal bent who like to spend other people's money envision themselves as working toward the greater social good - in other words, as participating in the Progressive arc of history toward a more perfect society.

Unfortunately, today's Democrat Party only pays lip service to traditional liberal values. It is categorically the party of radical leftism, acting in self-serving interest of the global ruling class.

I realized decades ago that the Democrat Party had abandoned substantive liberal values. Today, it despises American capitalism, the American work ethic, and the American people. Many who still espouse allegiance to the Democrat party fail to realize how radical and utterly immoral the party has become. To those deluded but well-meaning souls, I would say emphatically: wake up!

If you are a traditional liberal, read Mark Levin's book, The Democrat Party Hates America. It exposes precisely how and why the Democrat Party has abandoned your values. If you are a conservative, read this book to clearly understand how the Democrat party is engaged in a decades-long scheme to implement Marxism in America.

In other words, read this book. Immaculately researched, with copious endnotes, it lucidly and straightforwardly exposes the history and anti-American agenda of the Democrat Party.

Here are a few selected excerpts from this immensely important book.

American Marxism

The Democrat party is aligned with the principles of Marxism with an American bent. In the book, Levin explains the difference between conservative Americanism and American Marxism:

Americanism emphasizes unalienable, God-given individual rights; the right to life and liberty; natural law (that is, the existence of eternal truths and moral principles); a civil society (or social compact/contract) where there is equal justice under a just law and law and order to secure the safety and well-being of the citizenry; religious freedom; limited government; representative government; private property rights; free speech and the competition of ideas; freedom of association; the right to bear arms; etc.

Marxism rejects these fundamental principles and values, and demands, in practice, the centralization of power over things small and large; control over the individual; conformity and obedience; uniformity of ideas and thought; and an elaborate, intrusive, and far-reaching police state to enforce its rule.

Levin points out that the Democrat party is an unabashed a party of the state. Democrat politicians care more about power than the future of our country. They seek to remake society into their own image. Levin writes:

In other words, they do not share our values, beliefs, and principles. They have a totalitarian mind-set. This means the party must come before country, as the party is the means by which the country is to be conquered from within and ultimately ruled...

Levin notes that as a statist party, the Democrat Party is bolstered by a state media that poses as a free press. In other words, the media aces as the propaganda arm of the party.

The Pervasiveness of the Deep State

Levin observes that the Deep State is strongly and deeply aligned with the Democrat agenda, writing:

...even if the Democrat Party were to lose elections... it has built a massive bureaucratic complex of departments and agencies, staffed by an army of nearly two million federal employees, the vast majority of whom are Democrats committed to the Democrat Party agenda, and whose purpose is to expand its own authority over the public and issue rules and regulations mostly supportive of the Democrat Party's ideological schemes...

In truth, Marxism permeates American society due to the efforts of the Democrat Party and its proxies throughout the culture and society, including the media and academia. It is devouring America from within, as Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, German communist Herbert Marcuse, and Saul Alinsky had all advocated.

The Party of Racism

Levin documents that the Democrat party has long been the party of racism, writing that:

The Democrat Party supported slavery and segregation and opposed the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery), the 14th Amendment (due process and equal protections for blacks), and the 15th Amendment (giving blacks the right to vote). The Democrat Party was reluctant to give women the right to vote; created poll taxes, literacy tests, and other forms of intimidation to prevent blacks from voting; was tied closely to race-based eugenics and the Ku Klux Klan; and for decades refused to support a federal law outlawing lynching...

Clearly, it has been among the most organized, systemic, and malignant political institutions behind racism, bigotry, and segregation throughout much of American history...

It not until Franklin Delano Roosevelt began to outreach to black leaders that in 1936 resulted in more blacks voting for Democrats as opposed to Republicans.

Levin notes that anti-White racism now pervades our society and culture, and is fully embraced by the Democrat Party:

the American Marxist has succeeded today in establishing the idea that a societal, cultural, and political intersection of racism and capitalism exists. There are at least two important conclusions resulting from this distortion:

1. Capitalism must be destroyed and replaced if racism is to be eliminated; and,

2. The white race is said to be responsible for the capitalist system and is the beneficiary of the system, and the society created around it, which is intended to sustain and perpetuate white domination and privilege. Therefore, it follows that the white race is the ultimate oppressor.

Therefore, the goal is no longer to end individual cases of racism or illegal discrimination, which are said to be distractive or irrelevant to a comprehensive solution to a systemic problem, but to terminate the country...

We are indeed progressing at light-speed to terminate the country.

Tyrannical Government Control

Levin correctly observes that "climate change" can be used as a effective tool of political coercion. It functions as a source of control and power over the economy, individuals and the American way of life. He states that:

There is no better subject to illustrate such a colossal deception in today's world than "climate change," which is central to the Democrat Party's growing authoritarianism over all aspects of American life...

Indeed, every household product, from gas stoves, lightbulbs, and dishwashers to air conditioners, washing machines, automobiles, and anything else that uses energy, is now subject to government control...

Again, from the Democrat Party and Marxist mind-set, capitalism is bad. America is bad. And climate change is the ruse through which the standard of living will be diminished...

The Captive Media

Levin discusses how the media is essentially the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. He references Swiss sociologist Jean K. Chalaby, who explains:

"[The press] become parts of the ideological state apparatus that embraces artistic and film production, the education system, science, and religion. In the totalitarian state, the party's monopoly on the means of communication serves two broad purposes. The first is repressive in scope and helps stifle dissent and silence opposition to the party's autocratic rule. Second, it facilitates the transformation of the media into instruments of propaganda designed to indoctrinate the masses...."

The Great Replacement

Mark Levin wrote in Liberty and Tyranny, "[n]o society can withstand the unconstitutional mass migration of aliens from every corner of the earth." Yet it is the Democrat Party that is allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to enter our country in an unending unarmed invasion. Levin writes in The Democrat Party Hates America that:

For Biden, the only issue that matters is the racial make-up of immigrants and the speed by which their policies will change the existing majority-minority racial demographics. For the Democrat Party, immigration is also viewed as another opportunity for fundamentally transforming American society and culture...

The purpose of immigration is no longer to strengthen and improve the society but to overrun and devour it...

This is consistent with the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America.

Levin quotes senior fellow and California State University professor Edward J. Erler, who writes: "[a] radical change in the character of the citizens would be tantamount to a regime change just as surely as a revolution in political principles."...

Indoctrination in the Classroom

Leftists and Marxists have successfully completed their decades-long "Long march through the institutions" - that is, takeover of government (public) and private (university) educational systems. Levin observes that:

[The] school classroom has also become a propaganda mill for anti-American Marxist lies about race and racism, America's history and founding, and the principles on which the nation was founded. And the Democrat Party is all in. In sum, young children are taught CRT. They are told America was founded as a racist nation, in particular a white-dominated and controlled society; slavery was rampant in the colonies, and its protection was the principal reason for the Revolutionary War; every institution in America - from the Constitution and law to private property rights and capitalism - is a device of the white-dominant society to oppress and maintain control over blacks and other minorities;...

Suburban Chaos

Not many are aware of the leftist agenda of destroying suburbs, which are the last bastions of conservatism. This has been periodically discussed by Andrew Wilcow on his Sirius XM talk radio show. Levin writes:

The American Enterprise Institute's (AEI) Howard Husock describes how Biden and the Democrat Party are unleashing a regulatory war against America's suburbs. "[F]or the Biden administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), fair housing is more - much more. In proposed regulations that would touch any jurisdiction that accepts any sort of HUD funding, fair housing must mean a plan to 'promote equity in their communities, decrease segregation, and increase access to opportunity and community assets for people of color and other underserved communities.'

Translated that means that the route to upward mobility for disadvantaged minorities lies through their relocation to more affluent communities, where they will no longer be 'underserved.'

The result will be twofold: dismantling of the suburban quality of life, and dilution of the conservative suburban vote via low-income Democrat voters.

National Popular Vote

The Electoral College was created by our Founding Fathers in order to prevent more populous states from commandeering the Presidential election. Levin discusses leftists' plans to abolish the Electoral College, noting that proponents are 73 percent of way to a goal of 270 votes. He writes:

They have come up with a devious scheme - the National Popular Vote (NPV). The Heritage Foundation's Hans A. von Spakovsky explains that "the NPV scheme proposes an interstate compact in which participating states agree in advance to automatically allocate their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote..."

The NPV would put the fate of every presidential election in the hands of the voters in as few as 11 states and thus... give a handful of populous states a controlling majority of the Electoral College, undermining the protections that the Electoral College affords to smaller states...


Levin writes that a united America is a tranquil America. Thus for Marxist-like transformation of the country, requiring overthrow of the status quo, the goal is disuniting America. Levin notes that:

In truth, their contempt for the Constitution, and its routine condemnation, is not so much because of some of the Framers' biographies, but because the Constitution's firewalls remain an impediment to, or at least slow, their revolutionary aims and the speed with which they seek to make them. Indeed, the birth of the Republican Party in 1854 occurred in response and opposition to efforts to expand slavery in the territories...

Levin concludes that:

The evidence is overwhelming that the Democrat Party's mission is to fundamentally alter society, which requires the "reimaging" of nothing short of the nature of the citizenry, including the manipulation of their lifestyles and economic conditions; the citizenry itself through mass migration; disuniting of Americans through officially sanctioned class and group categorizations based on race, ethnicity, and gender identification; dismantling American culture and assimilative programs; and abolishing the nuclear family through classroom and media indoctrination, language control, and government welfare and redistributive programs...

However, in the end, as I spent more than a year researching and writing this book, it became obvious to me that the Democrat Party is a treacherous political organization dating back to its founding; that its obsession is with self-empowerment and societal control; that it has never embraced Americanism; and that it is the entity through which, and in coordination with, American Marxism (self-described "progressivism" and "democratic socialism") intends to impose its top-down revolution...

Levin notes that our enemies - including Communist China - are amazed and overjoyed at the speed and vigor with which America is self-destructing.

What can we do against the unrelenting onslaught of Marxism in America? As Mark Levin often says, "Fight like hell!"

Quite simply, this book is required reading for anyone, Democrat or Republican, who is concerned about the future of our country. This #1 best-selling book is Mark Levin's best book.


Mark Levin is host of the nationally syndicated Mark Levin Show, his Sirius XM radio talk show, host of Levin TV on BlazeTV, and host of the Fox news show Life, Liberty, & Levin. His published books include:


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