Video: Ann Corcoran Discusses the Refugee Aspect of the Open Border

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Fox News
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15 February 2015
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National News
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As reported on Limits To Growth:

Ann Corcoran, editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch, appeared on Fox News on Thursday morning to discuss the refugee aspect to Obama’s open border.

CORCORAN: This is Obama’s continued lawlessness on the whole subject of immigration. This is the purview of Congress. The President is expanding refugee law and in fact this should be done through Congress. . . .

One of the things people don’t understand about the refugee resettlement program is that it is the most desirable form, in my view, of immigration because those refugees who are designated refugees are given all forms of welfare virtually upon arrival in the United States: subsidized housing, food stamps, healthcare, job counseling and training. . . .

We have a lot of sympathy for poor people in other countries but this will open our gates to any country in the world who says I want my poor children to come to America as a refugee. . . .

My biggest problem is the lawlessness coming from the White House on this particular issue. I followed the refugee program for the last seven years; this is a major jump in expansion of the program. I also think that immigration is our existential threat in this country, both the numbers and who we are bringing in.



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