Video Shows Minneapolis Muslims Believe Sharia Law Is Better Than American Law

Article author: 
Tim Brown
Article publisher: 
The Washington Standard
Article date: 
6 March 2019
Article category: 
National News
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... In 2016, Satirist Ami Horowitz asks Minneapolis Muslims if they prefer Sharia law over American laws, and if it right to kill someone for depicting the prophet Muhammad.

While these Muslims admit to enjoying America for its freedoms, they still believe that Sharia is better than American law, even though Sharia does not afford them the very protections of law for which they rave about freedoms in America, ...
Additionally, these people, who claim they are all for “freedom of speech,” want to have laws in place that would make it a crime to speak out against Muhammad, the non-prophet. They would love for Sharia to be imposed upon the American people, in which case the penalty of death would be imposed upon anyone who called Muhammad what he was...