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17 November 2023
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National News
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Alpha News is proud to present "The Fall of Minneapolis." This documentary is provided free of charge due to generous donors:

"It wasn't so much what the jury was allowed to see, but what they were not. We even talked about this body camera footage—this is about an 18 minute interaction with George Floyd that day. It's 90 seconds in the end that the jury is allowed to see in trial."

Please consider a 100% tax-deductible donation to support our work and help promote this film.

The film is based on Liz Collin’s Amazon bestseller, "They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd," which exposes the holes in the prevailing narrative surrounding George Floyd’s death, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the fallout the city of Minneapolis has suffered ever since.

The documentary features more than a dozen interviews with the people directly involved, including exclusive interviews with former officers Derek Chauvin and Alexander Kueng who spoke to Liz Collin from prison. The families of Chauvin and Kueng also speak out publicly for the first time.

The film also features current and former Minneapolis police officers who tell their harrowing stories from the riots, recount the planned surrender of the Third Precinct, and explain why so many of them left the job.

The crowdfunded movie was produced by Alpha News journalist Liz Collin and directed by Dr. J.C. Chaix. Cinematography by Josh Feland.


Video: The Truth About George Floyd's Death: Liz Collin, Epoch Times, 16 December 2023.

The Supreme Court Should Watch ‘The Fall of Minneapolis’, by Roger L. Simon, Epoch Times, 29 November 2023.

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Review: Derek Chauvin speaks out from prison in new George Floyd documentary The Fall of Minneapolis: 'The whole trial was a sham', by Jen Smith, Daily Mail, 20 November 2023:

    Chauvin and the other cops jailed for Floyd's death interviewed from prison 
    Documentary suggests Floyd's autopsy was altered by the FBI 
    It says Democrat officials and prosecutors rushed to judgement to prosecute 
    The Fall of Minneapolis is a free, crowdfunded doc by Minneapolis reporter.

The George Floyd, Jr. Narrative Unraveled - The Whole Story Was a Lie, American Greatness, 29 October 2023.

The George Floyd Scam Blows Up, by Victoria Taft, PJ Media, 22 November 2023. Here's what we were fed vs. what we learned at Chauvin's trial: 

  • We were told Floyd was just trying to get his life back on track. In fact, he was being investigated for passing fake $20 bills. 
  • We heard he was at the store doing some shopping. In reality, he was working with his drug dealer and ex-girlfriend in circulating the money at a local market.
  • They told us the police scared the hell out of Floyd when they descended upon his car. But when a cop tapped the driver's side window to talk to him, Floyd was asleep at the wheel of the parked car, passed out on fentanyl.
  • We were told Floyd couldn't breathe because cops were mistreating him. In reality, the minute the cops got there - before they touched him, before he was arrested - Floyd said incessantly, "I can't breathe."
  • Cops supposedly ordered Floyd to the ground. The truth is that he asked to be placed on the ground because he wasn't feeling well - because he was overwhelmed by the fentanyl and other drugs he'd been taking AND HAD COVID AND A PRE-EXISTING HEART CONDITION.
  • Floyd's dream team of outside lawyers, bought by leftist charitable organizations, said the cops killed Floyd. But the only person who did the autopsy on his body, the medical examiner, said Floyd died of a drug overdose. The medical examiner's testimony was buried by the dream team during the trial.
  • We were told Chauvin killed Floyd with reckless disregard for his safety by keeping his knee on Floyd's neck. In reality, Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's shoulder and back. His knee may have slipped to Floyd's neck and a photo was taken as they began to move him to the ambulance. 
  • The cops took their time calling for an ambulance because they were white racists, right? Actually, the cops called in for medical help at the beginning of the stop. The ambulance went to their location but then had to park a distance away because of the outraged, loud crowd. They had to move Floyd to the ambulance after an agonizing 11-minute wait. 
  • The left said the cops' use of force was against all regulations, but that isn't true, either. Officers could have used a Taser on Floyd (or worse) but the knee hold was working to keep him secure until the ambulance arrived. 
  • Floyd was 6'4" and weighed 240 pounds. Chauvin was 5'9" and weighed 140 pounds.
  • We were told the neck hold killed Floyd, causing apparent asphyxia. But Floyd's cocktail of meth and fentanyl, plus his preexisting conditions INCLUDING COVID, also could have led to his asphyxia. Floyd nearly died from the same cocktail of drugs two months before his fatal encounter with police. 
  • Floyd told police that he was on drugs, right? "Audio from a police video was introduced into court that seems to show Floyd telling cops 'I ate too many drugs,' though prosecutors believe he told police 'I ain’t doing no drugs.'" It's believed he ate the drugs while in the car and then again when he was in the police car to hide evidence and to protect his dealer. Drugs believed to be his were found in the police car. Floyd's drug dealer took the 5th to protect himself from possible charges for killing Floyd. 
  • Chauvin's attorney was outnumbered by the dream team of lawyers for the prosecution 12 to one. They consistently did document dumps on the solo practitioner during the trial...

Review: 'The Fall of Minneapolis' by Anastasia Katz, Unz Review, 9 December 2023.


The Truth about George Floyd's Death | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter | The Glenn Show, 9 December 2023.