We Absolutely Need a Religious Test for Refugees

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Joel R. Pollak
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22 November 2015
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National News
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...there are very good reasons to apply a religious test to Syrian refugees. The first is that some religious groups–Yazidis and Christian Arabs in particular–have been singled out for slaughter, slavery, and expulsion. Unlike Sunni and Shia Muslims, who theoretically have support from neighboring states, the Yazidis and Christians have no one to save them and nowhere to go.

As others have pointed out, U.S. law already asks applicants to prove they are victims of religious persecution. The appropriate solution for other people fleeing war-torn countries is to provide temporary shelter and humanitarian relief until the war is over.

The left has resorted to comparing the Syrian refugees to Jewish refugees fleeing Europe before the Holocaust. (I have debunked that analogy elsewhere.) But saving the Jews of Europe would have required applying a religious test....

But the Constitution does not prohibit a religious test for refugees–and, indeed, without it our policy would be less compassionate...

A religious test for refugees is not bigotry–and saying so merely poisons public debate, as President Obama, sadly, does so often.

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