'We Are in the Fight For Our Lives, Arrest and Deport Anyone Who Shouts Allahu Akbar' (Video, German media )

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German TV show that lays it on the line beautifully
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RAIR Foundation
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27 October 2023
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National News
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In a powerful exposé, journalist Julian Reichelt reveals the alarming crisis in Germany, exposing the consequences of open borders and mass https://www.cairco.org/issues/islam-terrorism-isis as the nation grapples with Hamas supporters calling for the death of Jews, a political elite detached from reality, and a plea to remove those who will never integrate and threaten the country’s future, values, and freedoms.

In a recent and alarming episode of the German news program “Achtung Reichelt,” journalist Julian Reichelt shed light on the deepening crisis in Germany, where Hamas supporters have openly taken to the streets, chanting for a free Palestine and shockingly, calling for the death of Jews. The gravity of the situation is intensified by the realization that the integration of millions of third-world immigrants, primarily Muslims, is deemed impossible....

The news program concluded with a fervent call for citizens to share the video and stand firm in their beliefs, asserting that they are not alone in their opinions. The message encouraged viewers to be unapologetic about their convictions in the face of propaganda, sanctimony, and hypocrisy in politics...



Never forget what muslims did to Spain