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Federal indictment of Trump over secretarial matters is meretricious
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American Mind
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12 June 2023
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Our American Future
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The news that former president Trump has been indicted on federal criminal charges related to his alleged mishandling of documents after leaving office marks a new milestone in America’s depressing descent to politics in the style of Peru or Turkey, where departed presidents and political opponents are put in prison as a matter of routine.  

The regime appears to be so besotted with Trump-hate that it is desperate to fling charges and indictments at him, for virtually anything...

The federal indictment over the allegedly purloined documents is the stupidest of all the investigations against Trump, and thus, in this Swiftian atmosphere, the most serious...

Soon after, it emerged that President Biden had stored boxes of government-owned documents in his garage. The same special prosecutor investigating Trump promised to look into the question of Biden’s documents, too—though there was no raid on his house, and media reports indicate that there is no rush to resolve the case, certainly not before November, 2024, anyway...

America is no longer governed by even the pretense of the rule of law. The assault on Trump may be designed to neutralize him as an electoral force in 2024...

Either way, it is clear that American history has been split—between republic and tyranny...


Mark Levin: Biden ‘Regime’ Wants Trump to Die in Prison, Breitbart, 12 June 2023:

During this week’s broadcast of... “Life, Liberty & Levin,” conservative talk Mark Levin, who described the Department of Justice’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump an “insurrection,” criticized the effort, which he called something “out of the Joseph Stalin playbook.”

Levin said the Biden administration and Democrats want Trump to “die in prison.”

Transcript as follows:

LEVIN: By now, you’ve heard a lot about this. This is the indictment, the various charges against President Trump. It is 49 pages long. There are 38 charges, 37 involving President Trump, the one against Walt Nauta, who’s a Navy vet, and an aide to President Trump is in here in order to try and pressure him to turn on Donald Trump...

Now, some people are very impressed by this. I’m very troubled by this. Thirty-seven counts against the former president... Why would you pile on 31 counts when it could be one count, or three counts or five counts?

The answer is, they want to put Donald Trump in prison. And as I said last week when I was on “Hannity,” Donald Trump is 76 years old, some of these counts are 20 years, 10 years on them. If they convict him of one count and he is sentenced and he is sentenced to the full amount, he will die in prison. That’s how out of control Biden and Garland and this hack prosecutor are...

The Espionage Act was passed in 1917 under the tutelage of Woodrow Wilson, who was a racist segregationist and he locked up 2,000, people, the vast majority of whom were innocent, because they disagreed with his position. There’s something wrong with such a statute...

All of this comes out of the criminalization of this case and this is what prosecutors do and what this prosecutor, this Justice Department, this attorney general and yes, this President Biden have done is they have destroyed the country, and I don’t know if we can ever get it back.

They’ve destroyed something that matters to each and every one of us. They talked about suppressing the vote. They’ve destroyed the next election. They’ve interfered with the next election.

This isn’t natural or normal for America. This was taken out of the Joseph Stalin playbook.

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