We'll Remember In November: This Kavanaugh Witch Hunt Is Radicalizing Us Normals

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Kurt Schlichter
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Article date: 
8 October 2018
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National News
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... The fact is that this whole disgusting Brett Kavanaugh grift has radicalized both Normals who usually avoid politics (thereby demonstrating their wisdom) and alleged conservatives who have been living in a fantasy world where our opponents were good faith friends who just disagree with us on some issues. TheCirque de Kavanaugh disgrace put an end to that comforting delusion. 

If only someone had written a hilarious book about how Normal Americans woke up to the fact that the people who presume to lead our society hate our guts. Oh wait, I have. It's called Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy and I can swear in it, which is necessary to adequately describe the people attempting to destroy the foundations of our freedom to secure their grubby little slice of the pie. And this attack on Kavanaugh, which Normals rightly see is an attack on them, has cranked the tune that started with electing Trump to ear-shattering volume.
Why, look at the polls. Can you hear us now, libs?...
... the rest of us are woke, and getting woker . We are red-pilled, and getting red-pillier. We are getting, you might say, militant.
See, we Normals get that if they can do this to Brett Kavanaugh, they can do this to anyone. ...
We are not going to forget what happened here. And this is going to have a lasting impact, but not one the Democrats are going to like.