Why are there RINOs but no DINOs?

Article author: 
Joy Overbeck
Article publisher: 
Rocky Mountain Voice
Article date: 
16 February 2024
Article category: 
Colorado News
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Democrats don’t trash their own party members for being “insufficiently” woke, a Socialist or a leftist, while Republicans routinely dismember their own party members for being “insufficiently” Conservative, anti-tax, anti-abortion and so on.

Republicans attacking their fellow GOPers as Republicans in Name Only (RINO) has no parallel stigma on the other side – Democrats in Name Only (DINO.) That’s because the Democrats have learned they win when they charge as a single fighting unit. Republicans are too often fragmented into warring factions.

If only Republicans put the same passion into supporting their Republican candidates that they pour into sabotaging and undermining them. 

The sainted Mike Rosen, dean emeritus of Denver talk show hosts, schooled his vast audience for many years with the imperative to “VOTE PARTY NOT PERSON!”...

Here in Colorado, that perfectionist attitude has helped fuel a dramatic shift in our state legislature, which has become a Democrat dictatorship with only 12 Republican senators to 23 Democrats, along with an anemic 19 Republican House members to 46 Democrats. These overwhelming numbers have never before been seen at the Capitol. Never...

The majority party makes the rules and runs the government... The Democrat President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House can even decide NOT to allow a Republican bill to enter the legislative process...

And yet, all over social media and in Republican group meetings a great tribe of pontificators rave on endlessly about the need to purge the RINOS and the Establishment and vote for only the candidates who uphold Conservative “values and principles.”...

Yet, we have Republicans who actually admit they would rather lose a seat to the Democrats than vote for a “moderate” Republican...

...  if you don’t vote Republican, you are helping the Democrats win. That’s just the naked mathematical truth...

Until Republicans realize and act on the knowledge that the Democrats are our enemy – not our fellow Republicans – and vote party not person (except for Pam Anderson of course) we will keep losing.