Why the Biden Regime Is Saving Hamas

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Lee Smith
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10 May 2024
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National News
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... So why is the Biden administration throwing the full weight of the U.S. government at Israel to prevent it from routing Hamas?...

It's useful to remember that what distinguishes the Palestinians from other ethno-national groups born of the breakup of the multiethnic empires of Europe and the Levant after World War I is that their claim on the world's attention issues largely from their willingness to hire themselves out as terrorist mercenaries...

...the moves made by Obama and now Biden are not primarily about destabilizing the Middle East. Rather, they are designed to destabilize the United States...

The Biden team's moves to shelter Hamas are best understood in the context of a revolutionary program of domestic initiatives that aim to reconstitute American society on a new basis, and which in turn require the outright rejection of the country's history and culture, its existing social arrangements, and constitutional order. The current regime has weaponized the security state, labeled its opponents "domestic terrorists," and waged a third-world-style campaign against the opposition candidate because it's a revisionist faction. Its political and cultural manifesto is a program for remaking America, whether through social pressure, or censorship, or bureaucratic fiat, or threats of violence, or actual violence. Among other devices to transform America, the Biden administration has opened the border to at least 7 million illegal aliens (and counting), many from places in the Middle East where Hamas is revered, and for whom political violence means steady, well-paid work.

It's not the traditional U.S.-led order in the Middle East that the revisionist faction, Obama's faction, is most determined to dismantle but rather the existing order in the U.S. And it's not Israel that it's most keen to grind into dust, but America. For the party that Obama remade in his image to triumph at home, the Palestinians must win.


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