Why Colorado should reject ‘national popular vote’

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Heidi Ganahl
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Complete Colorado
Article date: 
29 June 2020
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Colorado News
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This fall, voters get a chance to decide whether Colorado joins the national popular vote compact. Proponents have a simple message: the candidate that wins the most votes should become President.

Sounds fair, right?  Not so fast.  The Founding Fathers got this right.

The Electoral College has served our state and nation well. Not only would the national popular vote compact be bad for Colorado and other small and mid-size states, it would fundamentally change how candidates campaign for and win the presidency in a very dangerous way.

Coloradans should vote No...

With a mere 1.7 percent of the nation’s population, Colorado has received disproportionate attention from presidential candidates....

Consider just one important issue: water policy. Under the Electoral College, Colorado has leverage against thirsty downstream users, such as California.  Under the Electoral College system, no candidate would dare “sell out” Colorado. Our nine Electoral College votes are too important....

Under the national popular vote?  California wins.  With seven times our population, California’s power and influence would drown out Colorado’s voice.
The Electoral College has been particularly valuable for non-urban communities in Colorado and across the nation.  That national popular vote would constitute a massive migration of political power to large, vote-rich urban centers is undeniable....
Remember: national popular vote isn’t about which candidate wins a majority of the vote; it’s about who wins the most votes.  So a candidate could win with, say, 35 percent of the vote in a fractured field....