Without Mass Deportations, America's Demographics Shift Will Result In Radical Politics

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Democrats understand that the short-term backlash for our open borders is just the cost for a long-term payoff in maintaining power.
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B.L. Hahn
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The Federalist
Article date: 
11 February 2024
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Our American Future
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...the reality is that for the "open borders" Democrat Party, everything is going according to plan...

The Democrat Party is well on its way to fundamentally changing America's demographics, all to secure what they believe will eventually become an unbeatable coalition of new voters. To understand the progress they've made, consider that in 2018, research conducted at MIT and Yale determined that the most accurate population estimate of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. was 22.1 million. Given the staggering surge of illegal aliens under the Biden administration, that estimate would now be in the range of 30-plus million. To put that into perspective, if we created a 51st state comprised entirely of illegal aliens, its population would be larger than every state except California, and it would be 77 percent of the entire population of Canada.

Going forward, even if we somehow prevent 100 percent of future illegal immigration, it only buys us time - and not much. Democrats know this, of course. It's the reason they continue to accept short-term backlash from our open border in exchange for a long-term payoff. By pointing out that illegal aliens cannot vote, the left claims that this whole thing is a "racist conspiracy theory."

This disingenuous tactic ignores three things: 1) Democrats have routinely tried to pass some type of amnesty that would eventually allow illegal aliens to vote, 2) Children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. can legally vote when they turn 18, and 3) In 2020, Joe Biden carried Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona by a total of about 45,000 votes, meaning a presidential election could be decided by only 0.15 percent of the illegal alien population voting in the right states...

Democrats don't need to pass amnesty...They just need to wait it out...

If they were to succeed in establishing a new coalition of voters who usher in sweeping victories, the left would no longer fear electoral consequences for their increasingly deranged policies, and their lunacy would know no bounds.

For these reasons and more, the next president must mobilize the federal government to deport as many illegal aliens as possible...

We must become a nation that enforces its most basic and necessary feature - its borders.


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