Woke Revolutionaries Versus Americanists

Article author: 
Thomas D. Klingenstein and John Fonte
Article publisher: 
The American Mind
Article date: 
29 January 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... America is in the middle of a Cold Civil War between woke revolutionaries—who believe America is and has always been systemically racist (evil), so that it must be deconstructed, de-legitimized (i.e., destroyed)—and those who believe that America is good, that its principles are the greatest antidote to racism ever created, and that preserving America and its principles is the highest and most urgent political calling....

The temptation will be to draw up a policy agenda. But before devising a policy strategy, we think it is necessary to provide the moral justification for one....

The public is increasingly aware of the horrors of woke tyranny; it sees, and is repelled by, many pieces of the woke regime. But it is very hard to see the entire puzzle. A successful rhetoric will put the pieces together and build the public sentiment necessary to fuel a victorious counter-revolution....

First and foremost, the public must understand that America is at war. It must be made clear that the woke revolutionaries wish not to reform America along the lines of, say, the New Deal or Great Society but ultimately want to destroy the American way of life. The woke revolutionaries do not hide their objective; indeed they flaunt it. They keep telling us their actions are designed to “fundamentally transform” the American way of life.

Citizens desperately need to hear their elected leaders saying in public that the American way of life, the American regime, cannot possibly coexist with the woke regime, because the two regimes have utterly irreconcilable understandings of what constitutes a just society....

For the American regime, a just society is one in which free men and women pursue happiness according to their abilities and according to nature.... imposes identity group quotas based on victimhood rankings. Such a regime makes war on nature and merit, and thus on America....

The woke regime’s big lie is that America is systemically racist and about to be overrun by racists, a.k.a. Republican voters.... Americanists should call this the “Big Lie.”...

Without the nation-state there will be no democracy, no “We the People.” There will be only “us” and “them.” And people do not sacrifice for “them.”...


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