Your guide to surviving Colorado's confusing primary and caucus system this election

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7 Denver ABC
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9 February 2020
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Colorado News
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Starting next week, voters could begin to see primary ballots arriving in their mailboxes. In 2016, Colorado voters decided to move away from the caucus system for presidential primaries and toward a primary system....

However, parties will still host caucuses for all of the other candidates that will appear on the general election ballots. Here are seven things to know about how Colorado’s election process will work this year.
1. Presidential primaries
Propositions 107 and 108, passed by voters in 2016, changed the presidential nomination process in Colorado to a primary. All registered voters will be able to participate in one party’s primary....
The presidential primary is set for March 3, which is Super Tuesday, and ballots should start going out on February 10....
. Caucus are still a thing
After the first primary, there will still be a caucus for political parties, where down-ballot candidates will be discussed. Those candidates include senators, representatives as well as state and local lawmakers....
4. There will be a second primary
After the March caucus, there will be a second primary for the down-ballot candidates voters can participate in on June 30.
The presidential candidates will not appear on that ballot. Again, voters who will be 18 by the time the general election comes around will be able to vote in this one.
5. Unaffiliated voters can participate… somewhat
Voters who are not affiliated with any particular political party will be allowed to participate in the primary for one political party...