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Immigration Highlights Summaries

Periodically, CAIRCO authors will write and publish articles of interest under Immigration Highlights. A collection of these articles is included below.. 


Candidate comparisons and grades - look here before voting

Presidential candidates

Here is summary information comparing the Presidential candidates in the 2016 election, especially with regard to immigration and national sovereignty:

New smartphone app VoteStand will report voter fraud

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True the Vote has released a smartphone app VoteStand to report voter fraud.

Obama gave away the Internet forever

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Obama just gave away the internet. Forever. It's irreversible.

Free speech on the internet is threated by Obama's giveaway of the internet.

Obama's Royal Decree - Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

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By Fred Elbel, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

Refugee resettlement and national security

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Report by Fred Elbel, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

In order to qualify as a refugee, a person must meet the following definition from Section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act:

America needs to curb immigration flows

It is time for an honest discussion of immigration.

How many illegal aliens really reside in America?

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Stale US government estimates of the numbers of illegal aliens residing in the United States are suspect. They undoubtedly represent significant undercounts, as they are produced by the very entity responsible for the tidal wave of illegal aliens entering our nation.

Illegal immigration costs Colorado taxpayers $1.38 billion

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The cost of illegal immigration to Colorado taxpayers is a staggering $1,388,700,000 per year. A study by FAIR estimates a total cost of $1,450,500,000.

It's the amnesty, stupid

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) lost his seat in Congress on June 10, 2014 to economics professor Dave Brat, who was supported by the Tea Party. This is the first time since 1899 that a sitting House majority leader has been ousted. It is a monumental event.

Top 10 reasons to oppose the Enlist Act (H.R. 2377)

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From FAIR:

The Amnesty Lobby is outraged that true immigration reformers prevented a "military amnesty" from making it onto the defense spending bill. This is an exciting victory for true reformers -- but we are not in the clear yet!

Who Got Jobs During the Obama Presidency? Native and Immigrant Employment Growth, 2009 to 2012

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A new analysis of government data shows that two-thirds of the net increase in employment since President Obama took office has gone to immigrant workers, primarily legal immigrants.

CAIRCO Background research - Why MS 13 matters to you - even in Colorado

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Why MS 13 matters to us all - with thanks to the following reports from the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Center for Immigration Studies and USA Today.


Human Smuggling in Colorado

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