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Tancredo: Politicians running sanctuary cities should be held liable

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Colorado News
... "President Trump is right. Build the wall. Deport criminals. Stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants," the ad states.

Justice Department threatens Denver with subpoena over sanctuary city policies

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Colorado News
The Justice Department on Wednesday demanded the City and County of Denver turn over any documents related to sanctuary city policies or face a federal subpoena.
The letter written to police chief Robert White.

After Congress ends shutdown, [illegal] immigration activists turn up the heat on Colorado lawmakers

Michael Bennet says deal to end shutdown provides ‘pathway toward a legislative debate’ on young immigrants
This is about Dreamers, numbering in the millions, not DACA, numbering in the 700 thousands. Stay aware folks.
Denver Post
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Colorado News

The federal government is on track to reopen, but that doesn’t mean the political pressure is off U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner of Colorado...

America is morphing Into a lawless country

Without laws to create civil societies, no city, no state, no nation, no people and no civilization can long endure the vagaries of lawlessness.

Encouraging a Migration Explosion

Are they doing it on purpose? Of course they are.
Take a look at this unbelievable video of the Mall of America
American Greatness
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Immigration Impact
Are they doing it on purpose? Of course they are.

Outrage Over Not Guilty Verdict in Kate Steinle Murder

Illegal alien from Mexico was protected by San Francisco's sanctuary city policy when he killed the 32-year-old woman
San Francisco's sanctuary city polity ultimately killed Kate Steinle
Sunday, December 3, 2017
National News
The illegal [alien] immigrant from Mexico who fired the gunshot that killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco in 2015 was found not guilty of murder by a California jury on Thursday.

Sanctuary Cities and Judicial Madness

Judge blocks Trump's effort to end sanctuary cities -- the day after a border patrol agent is bludgeoned to death
FrontPage Mag
Friday, November 24, 2017
National News


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