Our Unethical, Duplicitous, Corrupt Congressional Critters

We, the American people, pay an anti-American Somalian refugee voted into the House, with no qualifications, a whopping $174,000.00 to disparage our country at every chance she gets in front of the cameras. In fact, she represents a district where ISIS recruiters obtain the most Somalian jihadists out of America to fight in the Middle East and Africa for their cause.

We pay our House and Senate members huge salaries to make our country work. Starting pay runs $174,000.00 for a bartender voted into the House of Representatives with virtually no qualifications, whatsoever.

We're getting swindled. For all the money we pay veteran lawmakers like Charles Schumer of New York and Nancy Pelosi of California, we're getting cheated and gipped. Maxine Waters must be the biggest gip in all of history. She's done nothing during her tenure in office. In fact, MOST of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senators refuse to uphold their oaths of office. MOST of them don't serve the American people. If they did, they would solve our basic problems within weeks by passing laws to correct the situations we face.

As to our porous borders: Members of the House of Representatives continue sitting on a bill that would force employers to "E-Verify" every person who works for them. It would stop the invasion of illegals who could not obtain jobs because they couldn't pass the E-Verify mandate.

Instead, House leaders for the past 30 years squashed that bill and they make sure it never passes: from John Boehner to Paul Ryan to Nancy Pelosi. They were, and they are corrupt. It's ironic that they voted to impeach Trump, when they, in fact, cornered the market on corruption through their storied corrupt careers in Congress.

As to building a wall against Mexico's invasion: total waste of time and money. [CAIRCO disagrees]1 What's really happening, 40 percent of all illegals arrive on legal visas, and then, overstay and melt into America. Congress refuses to create a visa tracking system to arrest and/or create a deposit-return that would stop such lawlessness. None of our Congressional Critters will enforce US Code 8, Section 1324 that mandates a $2,000.00 fine per illegal and up to five years in prison for anyone housing, transporting or employing illegal aliens.2 In other words, your own senators and House members are screwing you while you pay them huge salaries. And then, you pay for illegals' health care, taxes, schooling for their kids and much more.

Problem: annually, 300,000 illegal, pregnant women arrive with their new ‘anchor baby' to drop on US soil. It's a total usurpation of the 14th Amendment, but NONE of those 535 elected DC reps will introduce and pass a bill that will stop that practice. We're the last country on the planet to allow it. Ireland stopped it 10 years ago. It costs us trillions of dollars....

Silent problem: the CDC knows we're importing dozens of third world diseases via the bodies of unchecked illegal aliens jumping our borders without papers, but it squashes any knowledge to the average American citizen. Will the members of Congress do anything to stop it? Not on your life!

Problem: who in their right mind would send our kids off to wars that lasted 18 years, yet accomplished nothing? Answer: your two senators and House member. All of those 535 lying, cheating and corrupt elected officials buckle under the power of money and the Military Industrial Complex. Thus, over 6,500 kids lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq: for NOTHING, but to line a corporation's pockets with money. Over 70,000 suicides since 9/11 from active duty and veterans---who lost their minds in those two wars, and decided to kill themselves. That's on your two senators and House member. Additionally, we shelled out $6 trillion for those two wars and counting. At the same time, ‘they' tell us that we're keeping the Muslim jihadists from our shores.... Hell, we're importing terrorists into Minneapolis where Ilhan Omar leads them to undermine our Constitution, and the same with Rashida Tlaib in Detroit.

Problem: we're paying billions of dollars if not into the trillions, for millions of illegal aliens' kids to attend school K through 12. And, we pay for their breakfasts and lunches---while we must pay for our kids to attend school and eat lunch. At the same time, those illegals don't pay taxes and send over $120 billion annually in cash transfers back to their home countries. Yet, your Congressional Critters let this travesty continue year after year, decade after decade.

Problem: our U.S. Congress has legally imported more than 20 million third world immigrants in the past 20 years. They allowed another 23 to 25 million illegal migrants as documented by the “Yale Report” of 2018. Those immigrants created parallel societies in Miami, Detroit, Minneapolis, Houston and Los Angeles. They're totally un-American with “honor killings” and female genital mutilation, along with multiple wives. Our educational standards plummeted for our kids. Our costs skyrocketed. In Denver alone, we face 173 different languages. Do you see any benefit to this situation? Additionally, you pay $113,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually across 15 Federal agencies to maintain those unskilled, illiterate, illegal and un-American border jumpers. (Source: www.NumbersUSA.org, “Annual Cost of Illegals in America”)

I'm touching on the tip of the iceberg of what's going on in our country. We've got infrastructure of bridges and highways degrading into chaos. We've got inner cities with gangs, murderers and anarchy. A little Chicago girl goes “Trick or Treating” this past Halloween and ends up dead from gang gunfire. We've got the poor shoplifting over $50 billion in mercantile goods annually. You pay for that when you buy products legally. How do you think Detroit fell? Chicago and Minneapolis follow Detroit.

We've got major air pollution, gridlocked cities, water shortages and over 1 million homeless people. But we're spending $4 billion a month in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries. We pay billions and trillions to maintain 700 bases in 80 countries around the world.

We're $22 trillion in national debt. That debt will end in collapse of our civilization; that in turn, will end in anarchy at some point.

And yet, a bunch of really stupid citizens re-elect Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John Lewis and hundreds of corrupt politicians back into office every two and six years.

If we continue on this path, we're not going to make it to 2050.


1. If 40% of illegal aliens are visa overstays, then the remaining 60% sneak across our unsecured border. A border wall will secure against that 60%. Also, gangs and cartels infiltrate America across our border. EVerify won't stop cartels, but a secure border wall will do so.

2. The article is correct in that Congress has no interest in ensuring that the immigration laws it created are actually enforced. However, it should be noted that Congress doesn't enforce the law; the executive branch bears that responsibility.