Post American Presidents: Barack Hussein Obama and Kamala Harris

Since the 1965 Immigration Reform Act passed Congress 55 years ago, America has been transformed into a different country - no longer itself. The very core of its Europpean-American foundation rattles with deterioration, conflict and dissention at the slightest provocation.

We no longer enjoy our leaders representing our best interests, but in fact, representing foreign nations such as China, India, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Our Congressional critters gave us a $26 trillion national debt while they empowered China to displace our entire manufacturing system - by calling it "free trade", when in fact, it is "unfair traade" where we buy all China's products, and they buy nothing from us.

Our Congressional critters vote for 20-year useless wars that line the pockets of the bankers and themselves, but we bury our soldiers by the thousands via combat, opiate drugs and suicides.

Where once we pledged our allegiance to Old Glory, today, our youth stomp on our flag. Where we once enjoyed male-female bathrooms, we have strange new "trannies" who are DNA boys pretending they are girls and even get to compete as women in women's events - and theey always win, because in fact, they are DNA males.

We stand by silently while many of our major cities provide enclaves for religions such as Islam to manifest their special "Sharia Law" that counters anything American, while we stand by in silence at female genital mutilation, honor killings and Arabic becoming the dominant language in places like Detroit, Minneapolis and Miami.

While English once dominated America and it maintained the "glue" for all of us to communicate, we now have 800 languages spoken daily in New York City. Spanish today dominates the four southern borders states. Our schools teach millions of Mexican kids while we pay for them.

In 40 years, our Congress and presidents have fostered 25 million illegal alien border jumpers to make their new homes in our country in violation of our laws. We pay for their EBT cards, education and medical care. We pay for 300,000 anchor babies annually and their mothers. Do you know that your two senators and House member do not represent you, but in fact, undermine you? The majority of both houses work against the American people.

Not only that, at the local level, 550 city councils and mayors have created "Sanctuary Cities" to protect those 25 million illegal alien border jumpers from deportation. And now, with Biden, we're about to see all of them gain citizenship, voting rights and language rights.

No longer do American Presidents reside in the White House

But the worst is yet to come! Barack Hussein Obama was our first "anchor baby" president. His mother was an American and his father was, well, we don't know. The best we understand was that he was a Kenyan, but some evidence shows Obama's father was an American communist agitator named Frank Marshall Davis. Obama looks very much like Davis, but not one hint of similar looks from his purported father from Kenya.

The fact is: we don't know. The one hint that tells a ghastly tale about Barack Obama remains his Social Security number that was illegally given to him by his Caucasian grandmother in an office in Connecticut. It starts with 042, but Obama never lived there, so the numbers was given to him from a dead man's social security number. You won't hear a peep about that in the mainstream media.

At the same time, Barack Obama did not grow up in America. He grew up in Africa or Indonesia during his formative years under a stepfather named Barry Soetoro. He actually came back to America to apply for scholarships as a foreign student. While he pretended to be a Christian in Chicago to build an image, he has admitted on tape to being a Muslim. It's part of the Quran to lie to advance Islam into any country that religion intends to conquer. While in the White House, Obama pushed every button to add more Muslims and advantages to Muslims in America. He created a Muslim prayer room in the White House. He hired Muhammed Magid to be the Sharia Law czar for eight years to advance that especially violent law inside America.

And note, Barack H. Obama spent millions (or somebody's millions) to completely seal his records from high school, college, travel -everything is under lock and key. He was a pothead and druggie through his teens and twenties. He never studied or applied himself academically. No one remembers him attending Columbia or Harvard. We will not know the truth about Obama for decades via the freedom of information act.

In other words, Barack Obama proved the ultimate "Post American President." He created the most racial conflict in decades. He bowed to Muslim Kings, which is unheard of in America. He forwarded Islamic interests and power in America like no other president. He gave Iran billions of dollars for bomb development. He traded four violent Islamic terrorists for a deserter named Bergdahl. Historians will add to his surreptitious list.

Next month, Biden will be sworn into office, at 78, old, frail, with onset dementia that has been documented in dozens of interviews where his mind wanders, and he cannot finish sentences. Even Time Magazine reported that he leaves off sentences with "well, you know what I mean." Within six months, Biden wiill become so exhausted or could suffer a heart attack from the stress and hours of that job, along with six more months of advancing dementia, that Congress will have to enact the 25th Amendment demonstrating that he is incapable of performing the functions of his office.

Everyone knows that President Kamala Harris will grab the reins of power. But she's not an All-American. She was born from an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. They were not citizens when she arrived here in America. There is great question whether she is even eligible, but the mainstream media doesn't care, much like it didn't vet Obama as to his origins. Harris possesses a different worldview from her parents who were from those two very different countries than America.

Harris will promote unlimited immigration from all third world countries and all their refugees. That will flood this country with millions of people from Africa, India, China, Mexico and every failed country in the world. She will promote open borders, citizenship for 25 million illegals, citizenship for 1.3 million DACA recipients, issue laws to defund police, and worst of all, she will use her power to nullify the Second Amendment.

Buckle up! It's going to be a quickening slide into a fractured, fragmented, linguistically chaotic, multicultural refugee camp much like Los Angeles. As they say, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

The final point: we are losing America, we are losing ourselves as Americans, and we're being displaced right up the White House. And each year, we add another million foreigners to our shores. Can you think of any good reason for that to continue?


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Book: Kamala Harris and the Future of America: An Essay in Three Parts, by Caleb Maupin, 2020.