What Are They Doing To Our Country? Will We Survive?

While listening to NPR over the weekend, Scott Simon casually announced that the United States of America in the past 12 months, thanks to Joe Biden and Congress, imported 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. He flew them 8,000 miles to our country, put them up in hotels, spread them across the nation and will be feeding them for the foreseeable future. Who paid for all of it? Answer: your tax dollars!

I just about fell out of my seat. He interviewed one couple that expressed such happiness to come to America that they said, "We won’t go back."

You didn’t hear about it on the major networks. You didn’t hear about it being reported in the big newspapers like the New York Times or Washington Post. You didn’t hear about it in your newsletter from your U.S. Senator. You didn’t hear about it on Anderson Cooper, Gutfeld, Terry Gross, Tucker Carlson, ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC or PBS. They are news cartels keeping all Americans in the dark.

At the same time, last month, another 250,000 border-jumping refugees from all over the world violated our borders, got flown all over our country and landed in hotels, motels, Air BnB’s, military bases and tent cities all over America. At your expense!

That’s on top of the 124,000 Afghanistan refugees that still inhabit five of our military bases from the 2020 fiasco brought to you by Joe Biden vacating Afghanistan. He had no right to flood our country with refugees like that! Costs? Into the hundreds of billions of dollars!

That’s on top of the 1,000,000 legal refugee immigrants who waited years to arrive in America, last year. That’s on top of the 6.6 million who arrived in the past 25 months illegally via Joe Biden. (Source: U.S. Border Patrol on illegal entries)

Is Anybody Counting the Numbers Cascading into Our Country?

Are our leaders and this president completely out of their minds? Answer: we know that Joe Biden does not possess a mind at this late juncture in his life. He’s totally out of touch with reality with his Alzheimer’s Disease. But why aren’t the rest of those Congressional Critters screaming at the top of their lungs?

Have you ever seen a civilization collapse down around the ears of the citizens of that civilization? Why isn’t Terry Gross interviewing those of us who know what’s coming? Why hasn’t "60 Minutes" run a huge expose’ on what we face with this massive overload of humans? Does anyone understand that we can’t keep saving the rest of the world?

If we could, we would have to transport, feed and house 4,000,000 kids annually who starve to death in places like Africa, India or Indochina - every year, year in and year out. We would have to rescue, according to the United Nations, 8,000,000 adults who starve to death annually or die from extreme malnutrition.

My question: who is going save us when our civilization collapses? Have you read the book, Blip: Humanity’s Self-Terminating Experiment with Industrialism by Christopher O. Clugston? We’re absolutely going to run out of water, energy, food and resources to sustain our ENORMOUS human population by 2040-2050. By importing millions more people, this nightmare will hit us even sooner.

Here is what we face

Author Peter Goodchild said, "The main difference between the past and the future is that the cycle of "civilization" can no longer be repeated. Oil is not the only mineral that will be in short supply in the twenty-first century. Industrial civilization has always been dependent on metals, but hematite, for example, is no longer sufficiently common, and mining companies now look for other sources of iron, which can be processed only with modern machinery. In fact, most metals are globally now either declining or heading in that direction."

Goodchild continued, "All civilizations grow too large to support themselves, and their leaders have little foresight. These civilizations then collapse and are buried in the mud. The fall of the Roman Empire, for example, has been ascribed to various factors, from laziness to lead poisoning. The impoverishment of the soil, and the consequent lack of food, played a large part."

Since you’re reading this column, do you think California can sustain the projected 20 million more people, net gain, by 2050 - a scant 27 years from now? They expect to jump from 40 million to 60 million. What about Florida about to double from 20 million to 40 million within 27 years? That’s what’s coming! Can New York City add another 10 million and survive? What about Miami, Chicago, LA and Atlanta?

Goodchild added, "There is no way for a small group of people to prevent systemic collapse, but it may be that things will be better when the collapse is completed. At the moment, there is only one direction, and that is out. We must literally step out of the present economy - and by "we" I mean those few who are clever enough to be saved, those few who make the effort to pack their bags."

We need to move toward Steady State Economics (production, consumption, and waste that can be ameliorated as to carrying capacity of a land mass), and that requires Steady State Population. We achieved that with our 2.03 fertility rate since 1970. But those intellectual morons in Washington DC keep piling all the rest of the world’s desperate people into our country. Why are they desperate? Answer: they add 83,000,000, more of themselves, net gain, annually to the planet. What’s it going to take get our leaders off their rear-ends and understand that their children, along with yours, are facing a terribly unfortunate future?

Does anyone understand what our civilization faces?


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