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The worst ideas in history
 the Great Replacement is an electoral strategy
Democrats Have Become The Party Of The Elite And Super Wealthy
Human population through time
 Can It Happen in America?
George Carlin - The American Dream
 Change the World
 are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid?
The Truth About January 6th documentary
The Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover - Interview with Naomi Wolf
 Biden Admin. Proposed WHO Amendments 'An Impeachable Offense'
2000 Mules documentary
Tommy Robinson's Documentary Exposing Britain's Islamic Rape Gangs
 Peter Schweizer
America is up for grabs
Oikophobia - the repudiation of one's own culture and traditions
Mass Psychosis - how an entire population becomes mentally ill
What's Wrong with Wind and Solar?
Am I The Only One
Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America
Open Borders, IQ, and Western Civilization
 Biden is the most dangerously radical President in US history
 No Question China Invested Financially In Biden Family Knowing His Influence
 The Fight for Civilization | Tucker Carlson
Why socialism never works
Population size matters
 The Great Gaslight
 animated map over time
Nothing like this has ever happened in the US
Prof. Mattias Desmet on Mass Formation Psychosis
World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs, by Roy Beck