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7 December 2021

Covid-19 And The Global Predators: We Are The PreyWe are the Prey

by Fred Elbel

Book Review of:

COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey
by Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin (2021), 690 pages
ISBN-10: 0982456069, ISBN-13: 978-0982456064

COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey is a lengthy book, packed with information. It is well written, with impeccable research. The book contains over 1,000 endnotes. I thought I would just skim the book but ended up reading it in its entirety. The chapters read like an engrossing spy novel - the more you read, the more is revealed about COVID-19 and how the elites - that is, the ruling class - are using it to manipulate us, the people of Western nations.

The book asks: who are these global predators? And why did they:

- Plan Warp Speed for a SARS-CoV pandemic years before it came?
- Distribute mRNA and DNA vaccines that killed lab animals and now humans?
- Collaborate with the Chinese making pandemic viruses & bioweapons?
- Hide the origin of SARS-CoV-2 in the Wuhan Institute?
- Let China spread the virus around the world on passenger planes?
- Give so much power to Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Why do they continue to:

- Prohibit cheap, available, safe and effective COVID-19 treatments?
- Impose draconian closures on our society and economy?
- Disproportionately harm or destroy small businesses and churches?
- Make us wear masks and distance ourselves from each other?
- Exaggerate the death rate from COVID-19 to frighten us?
- Hide the high and growing vaccine death rate from all of us?
- Make experimental "vaccines" that turn our bodies against ourselves?

Who are these global predators?

Breggin observes that many of these global predators have strong financial ties to America, and draw much of their power from that attachment, but "these parasites are endangering the host with globalism and with their ties to the Chinese Communists." They have no interest in preserving America as a Constitutional Republic, nor do they care about the well-being of American people that they presume to lord over. Once the parasites drain the host, they will leave and move on to other targets.

Breggin predicts that:

If the globalist left continues to succeed in destroying America from within as a freedom-loving nation, they will clear an open road for the Chinese Communists on their way to dominating Earth. The left’s murder of the American right will become an unintended suicide of the American left itself, as China snuffs out the great experiment in freedom begun by our Founders less than 250 years ago.

Breggin exposes several of the global predators:

Anthony Fauci

Breggin writes that Anthony Fauci and his organizations NIH and NAID have been colluding with China to augment the military threat to the United States. Fauci has been a huge benefactor to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. Breggin observes that "Anyone with knowledge of China would realize that Fauci was ultimately funding China’s Communist Party, its military, and its biological warfare program - with money from U.S. taxpayers."

Breggin notes that Fauci has retained his position for an unusually long period of time.

Fauci’s longevity is not, and could never be, due to his supposed role as an objective scientist. He is neither objective nor a scientist. His longevity is due entirely to his Machiavellian subservience to those who call the shots and his willingness to use and abuse those over whom he has been given power.

Breggin suspects that a powerful defender of Fauci's long tenure has been the military-industrial complex and the Department of Defense.

Chapter 29 of the book presents a complete "Bill of Particulars Against Dr. Anthony Fauci."

Bill Gates

Breggin asks:

Why would Gates boast about fast-tracking “novel” vaccines and “RNA vaccines” in January 2017, showing that he and Moderna were already working on a SARS-CoV vaccine, if he did not have strong assurances that a coronavirus pandemic was a near certainty? At the start of COVID-19, why would Anthony Fauci have gone to such great lengths to promote and rush the approval specifically of Gilead’s medication Remdesivir and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine - both dangerous, experimental, and wholly unproven at the time - if he and Bill Gates were not sure of the need for them?

Breggin notes that Gates’ 2017 master plan for responding to the coming pandemic was a blueprint for what has now occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, writing:

The 'design' and 'manufacture' of a specific coronavirus vaccine within days after the identification of the pandemic in early February is either the luckiest guess ever made by mankind, a miracle, or the product of huge investments made with great planning and specific foreknowledge of when the SARS-CoV would be released.

Breggin observes that sadly,

Gates represents one of the great tragedies of America: we have raised several generations of children in progressive schools without their gaining any understanding of the heroism and wisdom of our founders, the economics and politics of freedom, and the stunning accomplishments embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and especially the Bill of Rights.

Breggin warns that Bill Gates and other globalists, sees COVID-19 as an experiment to ascertain how much control can be exerted over the world’s population. As a case in point, Breggin discusses mask mandates:

... mask mandates appear to be an effort by governments to find out what restrictions on their civil liberties people will accept on the thinnest possible evidence. They are the not-so-thin edge of the wedge. Today, we must wear masks. Tomorrow we’ll need negative COVID tests to travel between countries. Or vaccines to go to work. I wish masks worked. I wish we didn’t have to fight about them. But they don't.

Warren Buffet

In 2006, Warren Buffet pledged most of his fortune to the Gates Foundation, donating 10 million shares of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B), worth approximately $31 billion.

George Soros

Breggin writes that he mistakenly saw Soros as a loner until July, 2021, when it was revealed that Soros had partnered with Gates and others in a consortium to buy a company that makes COVID-19 tests.

New York billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Breggin concludes: "To say that Bloomberg is in a league with the Chinese Communist Party is no exaggeration."

America is under immediate threat. Breggin observes that Americans are the freest people in history, yet our freedom, heritage, and accomplishments have no importance in the minds of the new global leadership.

The Great Reset

A major theme of the book is that President Trump’s America First policies deeply threatened the globalist predators and their agenda. Trump exposed the globalists to the light of day. When the pandemic arrived, it thus became the perfect opportunity for the global predators to double down on their authoritarian agenda.

Dr. Breggin writes that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the opening salvo of what is now called "The Great Reset." The pandemic has become a tool of the global elite to implement increasing degrees of authoritarian control over the peoples of Western nations. Breggin writes that Klaus Schwab, as spelled out in his 2020 book COVID-19 and The Great Reset:

... promotes the concept of the Great Reset - essentially a combination of predatory capitalism and predatory progressivism working with predatory governments - while opposing the principles of individual and political liberty and the world’s democratic republics.

Breggin documents that as early as 2017, the global predators planned for the manufacture of highly dangerous mRNA and DNA vaccines, and the resulting financial windfall. Indeed, they already had programs in early stages of development with Pfizer and Moderna. These programs would be unveiled in 2020 as Operation Warp Speed, underwritten by a massive fusion of government, corporate, and philanthropic funding.

Communist China

Breggin notes that businesses, the elite, and universities have aligned with the Chinese Communist Party, which has always had intentions to reshape the world into a Communist empire, stating:

Every global predator we could identify is financially wedded to and filled with admiration for, not the United States or other Western democracies, but for Communist China and totalitarianism. This ultimate realization from our research was totally dismaying. COVID-19 policies have aimed at and caused a massive shutdown of Western economies. The intention of the globalists has been to harm and intimidate democratic republics such as the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia. The ultimate goal is to vastly increase top-down government, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism throughout the world.

Breggin observes that:

One of the greatest misperceptions of modern times is that capitalism and communism are locked in an ideological war against each other. That is no longer true. Instead, global capitalism and Communist China are joined in an existential war against us. That is a major lesson to be taken away from seeing predatory billionaires and corporations working so closely with the Chinese Communist Party and its corporations....

Yet while the threat of Communist China is real, a more pervasive threat is from the global elites who have disassociated themselves from the interests of America - indeed, from all Western nations. Ironically, it is highly likely that the Chinese, as they achieve global dominance thanks to the global elites, will have diminishing use for the globalist elites, who will eventually be supplanted by Chinese party members.


The short preface "How to Find Lifesaving COVID-19 Treatment Guides and Doctors" is mandatory reading. If you have limited time, read the chapters "Takeaway Lessons from COVID-19 Totalitarianism" and "Chronology and Overview."

Here are a few highlights excerpted from the chronology. These provide a sound understanding of the events beginning decades ago and leading up to today's authoritarian handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2001: “The Dark Winter exercise portrayed a fictional scenario depicting a covert smallpox attack on U.S. citizens." "Dark Winter" is a precursor to the Pandemic Predictions and Planning Events that start multiplying in 2017.

2002: SARS-CoV-1 appears in southern China in late 2002 and spreads around the world.

2003: Six separate accidental lab contaminations in and around China. No SARS-CoV has ever been found in nature. The danger is not from nature, but from the gain-of-function [indeed, gain of lethal function] research funded in part and wholly encouraged by Fauci and conducted in America, China, and elsewhere.

2008: Vanderbilt and UNC under Ralph Baric synthesize a “bat SARS-like coronavirus,” a “SARS-CoV,”

2009: Moderna is founded with the aim of making mRNA vaccines.

2010: The Rockefeller Foundation publishes a future pandemic scenario in a business investment-oriented, 53-page booklet, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. The first “Scenario Narrative” in the booklet is called “Lock Step: A World of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushbacks.”

2011: The United Nations passes Resolution 2030 [documented in "Transforming Our World - The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"]… the model for the Great Reset, although without U.N. governance.

2015: Fauci approves China’s first-ever Bio-safety Level-4 (BSL-4) lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to facilitate giving money to Wuhan scientists for gain-of-function research. [Breggin also clarifies: "the Wuhan Institute is fundamentally a biowarfare military research facility."]

Bill Gates is now investing in the RNA vaccine industry. Bill Gates conceives of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in 2015 and funds it through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

2017: On the eve of their departure, the Obama-Biden administration provides the authorizations needed for the eventual re-funding of gain-of-function research by the U.S., enabling NIH to finalize the details by the end of 2017.

In short, Bill Gates indicates in January 2017 that he has already invented, invested in, and started implementing a project identical to what will be “unveiled” as Operation Warp Speed three years later by President Trump and Fauci.

We discover the master plan for CEPI, which is essentially the plan for the world’s future from the minds of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and their partners in global predation (Chapter 15 has details).

2019: Event 201 is sponsored by two of the most influential global predators: Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. It deepens the connections between pandemic preparation, Schwab's Great Reset, and Bill Gates' Warp Speed-like program. The top theme is "Governments, international organizations, and businesses should plan now for now essential corporate capabilities will be utilized during a large-scale pandemic."

2020: The Wuhan Institute is openly taken over by China’s People’s Liberation Army under General Chen Wei, a leading expert in biochemical weapons and bioterrorism.

Multiple scientific sources within China conclude that SARS-CoV-2 is a chimeric or man-made virus based on, among other things, the artificially tailored spike inserted into the virus which enables it to attack humans and is not found in nature.

Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab as CEPI founders were now official partners with Anthony Fauci!

The health bureaucracy worldwide takes action to suppress the use of hydroxychloroquine or any other inexpensive, safe, and effective medications to treat COVID-19 patients, including early, at-home treatment.

President Trump, with Fauci over his shoulder, announces Operation Warp Speed… There is no indication that President Trump knows that the whole idea of Operation Warp Speed was planned and organized years earlier by Bill Gates with Moderna and other investors, confident of a coming vaccine bonanza from the predicted or planned pandemic.

The health bureaucracy worldwide takes action to suppress the use of hydroxychloroquine or any other inexpensive, safe, and effective medications to treat COVID-19 patients, including early, at-home treatment. (Breggin notes that "Hydroxychloroquine-based home treatments reduce hospitalizations by 87% and deaths by 75%, while ivermectin-based treatments may be as good or better.")

To this day, if hydroxychloroquine and any other array of treatments are recognized by the government as safe and effective for COVID-19, Operation Warp Speed and the Great Reset will lose their legal justification under the Emergency Use Authorization.

Takeaway lessons

Chapter 35 presents 16 basic "Takeaway Lessons from COVID-19 Totalitarianism". Here are a few:

1. COVID-19 Is Probably No More Dangerous than the Flu...

4. Global Predators Are Stopping Use of Effective, Inexpensive Treatments Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are old, inexpensive, very safe,

5. The SARS-CoV-2 Was Released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology

6. COVID-19 Public Health Policies Are Unrestricted Warfare Against America

It cannot be over-emphasized: COVID-19 public health tactics resemble and are a part of China’s unrestricted warfare against America.

7. Globalist Capitalism and Communism Are Joined in War Against America...

9. America Is Becoming a One-Party Totalitarian State

Read this important book!

You are encouraged to read this revealing book. You will become empowered with information that has been deliberately withheld from the public domain. As Dr. Breggin writes:

The worldwide globalist leadership wants us to believe we must unite against the virus, but it is far more important to unite against them. We must oppose the ongoing totalitarian measures and their plans for a “New Normal” and a “Global Reset” that come with an acute escalation on America’s liberty as the combine of progressive and capitalistic predators exert their power to crush freedom of speech.

After reading the book, he notes that "Your life will take on new meaning when you realize you have a rare opportunity in history to fight for Western values, the Judeo-Christian traditions, and the existence of individual and political liberty on Earth."

Table of Contents - COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey

How to Find Lifesaving COVID-19 Treatment Guides and Doctors i
Preface: The Pandemic Is the Opening Salvo iii
Introduction by Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH xvii
Introduction by Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko MD xix
Introduction by Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD xxiii


Chapter 1 Fauci, Globalism, and China: Discoveries that Drove Us into Action
Chapter 2 Fauci Builds a Reckless Research Empire and Lies to the U.S. Senate
Chapter 3 Was SARS-CoV-2 "Made in China"?
Chapter 4 Did China Intentionally Unleash COVID-19 on the World?
Chapter 5 Fauci Deceives Presidents Obama and Trump About His Deadly Research.
Chapter 6 Fauci's Grandiose Utopian Ambitions
Chapter 7 Fauci, Bill Gates, Forbes, the Koch Brothers-and Their Victims


Chapter 8 What Is Your Risk of Death if You Catch COVID-19?
Chapter 9 Killing Patients to Make Inexpensive Good Drugs Look Bad
Chapter 10 Fauci Cheats to Make Expensive Bad Drugs Look Good
Chapter 11 COVID-19 "Vaccines" - A Giant and Fatal Experimentation on Humanity
Chapter 12 Masks Are Not About Your Health
Chapter 13 Case Counts Rising and More People Dying
Chapter 14 Mass Murder in New York State


Chapter 15 Bill Gates' Master Plan Found: Implements Operation Warp Speed in 2015-2017
Chapter 16 Fauci Predicts the Pandemic's Onset with Certainty
Chapter 17 Clinical Trials - Gold Standard for Scientists or Golden Calf for Predatory Corporations?
Chapter 18 Big Pharma - A Giant Among Global Predators
Chapter 19 Top Medical Journals Sell their Souls
Chapter 20 Klaus Schwab - The Great Reset and the Silence of the Cities
Chapter 21 Joe Biden and John Kerry - Fighting "World War Zero" with the Great Reset
Chapter 22 Names and Shared Characteristics of America's Top Global Predators
Chapter 23 How Globalists Pervert Capitalism
Chapter 24 Shared Values - President Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and LeBron James
Chapter 25 Bloomberg Celebrates China's Rise and America's Demise
Chapter 26 The "New Normal" Becomes Forever Abnormal
Chapter 27 The Globalist War Against President Donald Trump and America First
Chapter 28 My Expertise and Background for Evaluating Dr. Fauci and COVID-19 Policies
Chapter 29 Bill of Particulars Against Dr. Anthony Fauci


Chapter 30 Terrorizing Us to Tame Us
Chapter 31 Public Health Policies - Weapons to Destroy Freedom
Chapter 32 Suffering and Recovering from Loss of Freedom
Chapter 33 They Fear and Hate Us - But Who Are We, Really?
Chapter 34 The Escalating War Against America's Freedoms
Chapter 35 Takeaway Lessons from COVID-19 Totalitarianism
Chapter 36 Action Steps to Save Freedom
Chronology and Overview

About Dr. Breggin

Dr. Breggin is a physician with 70+ scientific articles and 20+ medical texts and popular books. He is among the world's most experienced medical experts in landmark legal cases in psychiatry and neurosurgery, and now in COVID-19. The Breggins' bestsellers include Talking Back to Prozac and Toxic Psychiatry. Their research led the United States to cancel deadly Chinese collaboration.

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