1.1 Million More Illegal Aliens in U.S. Since Biden Took Office

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8 March 2022
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National News
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The population of illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] in the United States has jumped by 1.1 million in... Joe Biden’s first year, says a report released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

CIS said in an announcement distributed to the press that the data from the Department of Homeland Security is from 2018, so it used the federal government’s “household survey” to get more current information about the number of illegal aliens inside the country.

Data from the survey showed the illegal alien population was 11.4 million in January of 2022. The center’s preliminary population estimate for February 2022 is 11.5 million.

“The number of illegal immigrants grew dramatically this past year as the result of Biden administration policies which released most of the people encountered at the border and stopped most interior enforcement,” Steven Camarota, the Center’s director of research and the report’s lead author, said.

“Absent a change in policy it seems certain the illegal immigrant population will continue to grow rapidly,” Camarota said....

Other findings of the analysis include:

Illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] account for more than one million or about two-thirds of the increase in the total foreign born since January of 2021.

• To place the 1.7 million growth in the total foreign-born population (legal and illegal) in the last 13 months in perspective, in the 48 months of the Trump presidency (January of 2017 to December 2020) the total foreign born increased 1.5 million.

• For the illegal immigrant population or the foreign-born population in general to grow, new arrivals must exceed emigration and deaths. Births to the foreign born, legal or illegal, in the U.S. do not add to the illegal immigrant population or the overall foreign-born — all children born in the U.S. are by definition native-born....


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