The 2020 Election WAS Fraudulent - GA GOP Leadership Are Complicit

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Patrick Cleburne
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24 August 2023
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National News
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For anyone not a rabid Democrat, late on election night November 3rd/4th 2020, the strong stench of fraud swirled across America...

The impression then was given by the MSM that counting was stopping for the night... But when reporting/counting resumed, Biden suddenly jumped into the lead...

I believe I have watched every Presidential election count to the death since 1968. I cannot recall any with such a hiatus in counting/reporting, nor one with such decisive late reversals...

On further contemplation, the aroma of the 2020 election got worse. On November 23, 2020, The Federalist published a seminal article by J.B Shurk... [5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms]...

To my mind, the most valuable contribution to evaluation the question of 2020 election fraud is Debunked?: An auditor reviews the 2020 election-and the lessons learned by Joseph Fried... (Website here, Substack here). The publisher is Republic Book Publishers, in case Amazon or Barnes & Noble are pressured into dropping it...

One currently valuable service Fried performs: refuting the lie that Trump lost all his legal challenges...

Perhaps the most important service of the Trump Administration: demonstrating the startling news that the FBI is controlled by extremely unscrupulous Leftist activists. Perhaps the most important service of the 2020 Presidential Election: demonstrating that the state and Federal judiciary is packed with unrestrained Leftist partisans. In most of the Trump cases, these judges simply refused to consider the evidence on extremely dubious technical grounds.

To its eternal shame, this path was also followed by the U.S. Supreme Court. In my opinion SCOTUS, by literally denying Trump’s supporters their day in court, is the major culprit in the subsequent events of January 6th...

... Allan Wall asked 20 years ago (!) Why Is Mexico's Voter Registration System Better Than Ours?

Every registered Mexican voter has a Voter ID card, complete with photograph, fingerprint, and a holographic image to prevent counterfeiting. 

I believe the answer is that the Democrats have been preparing to perpetrate massive voter fraud since at least the Obama Administration...


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