Bidens DOJ Will Trigger A Major Crisis If Trump Is Indicted For Jan. 6

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The weaponization of federal law enforcement, if it continues, is going to delegitimize the 2024 election before a single ballot is cast.
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John Daniel Davidson
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The Federalist
Article date: 
19 July 2023
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Our American Future
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The news that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department might soon indict and arrest former President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol should terrify all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs.

Put bluntly, if Biden’s DOJ arrests Trump, the president’s main political rival heading into the 2024 election, it will trigger a political and electoral crisis unlike any America has ever faced. It’s not too much to say that such a move would not only imperil the upcoming presidential election but the republic itself. Jailing political rivals is what happens in tinpot dictatorships like Nicaragua, where President Daniel Ortega’s political rivals often find themselves arrested and imprisoned on charges of treason...

As Tucker Carlson has said, “They’re trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him, and that should upset you more than anything that’s happened in American politics in your lifetime.”...

Forget about the stalwart Trump voters who claim 2020 was stolen. If Biden’s DOJ throws Trump in prison, Ortega-style, for a crime the U.S. Senate already acquitted him of, there’ll be a whole new constituency of voters who will claim, rightly, that 2024 has been preemptively stolen...


Back in the USSR - Trump’s Coming Jan 6 Indictment, by Roger L. Simon, Epoch Times, 18 July 2023:

One thing you can say for former Soviet NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria, he was more honest and transparent when he said “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” than vengeful ideologues at our Justice Department or special counsels operating therefrom.

Their watchword might better be “show me a political opponent and I’ll show you his jail cell.”...

... presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy made this ominous warning regarding the possible indictment of Trump on this matter:

“The left calls January 6th a threat to ‘our democracy,’ but the ultimate threat is when politically unaccountable actors literally remove democratically elected officials from office. That’s why the pending January 6th indictment of Donald Trump is arguably the most dangerous of all to our Constitutional Republic...

If this indictment actually occurs, it will also be the time—maybe it always was—for Republican candidates to fully unite behind Trump...