Dutch Voters Come Out for Geert Wilders and End to Islamization

Article author: 
Daniel Greenfield
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FrontPage Magazine
Article date: 
27 October 2023
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National News
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... Dutch voters have once again come out for an end to the Islamization of the Netherlands. In 2017, the Freedom Party won 25 seats and a coalition was assembled to bypass Wilders. It will be more difficult to do that now that the Freedom Party has become the largest party in parliament, but never underestimate the willingness of establishment parties to ally with the Left so that they never have to deliver on their promises...

Geert Wilders has taken on Islamization, the EU and the entire rotten system that is destroying Europe and the free world. Dutch voters were clear about what they wanted...


A Specter Haunting Europe - The political class’s impotence in the face of so much public anxiety makes fertile soil for extremism, City Journal, 28 November 2023:

A specter is haunting Europe, and it is fascism. I don’t mean by this the insulting term that radical students have long hurled at anyone who disagreed with them in the slightest. I mean a brutal, violent mass movement that will not hesitate to intimidate, oppress, and kill in the name of a nation.

Geert Wilders is not a fascist, but if his electoral triumph in the Netherlands (relative, not absolute) does not result in genuinely assuaging the discontents of which his triumph is a symptom, it is not unlikely that at least some of his voters will become so disillusioned with, and frustrated by, normal politics that they will look elsewhere for a solution...

The impotence of the political class in the face of the concerns and anxieties of so much of the European population makes fertile soil for the breeding of fascism.

However, the first comment on the above article astutely observes:

"The impotence of the political class in the face of the concerns and anxieties of so much of the European population" is not the issue. It is the willfull connivance of the political class in causing the problems that give rise to those concerns and anxieties. Their goal is to turn a nation - e.g. Ireland - into a soulless administrative entity with a deracinated population ruled by WEF apparatchiks.

Election of Milei, Wilders and Cogswell Has the Left Worried, by Roger Kimball, American Greatness, 26 November 2023:

Of course, the fate of Camp of the Saints is but one thread in the larger tapestry we see being woven in world politics now. What makes that thread important is its underlying theme... The superficial, but not incorrect, answer is immigration. Push a little on "immigration" and you wind up talking about such things as national identity, the location of sovereignty...

What makes a regime legitimate? What tends to undermine that legitimacy? Ponder that and you will find yourself contemplating the role of political elites in the metabolism of Western "democracy."... in many cases we are not talking about the rule of the people, which of course is what democracy means, but rather rule of the bureaucrats... This is where “the administrative state” comes in, a phrase that did not gain general circulation (though the reality it names is decades older) until the advent of Donald Trump. In the United States, as I have often observed, the people who are really in charge of the governmental apparatus implicitly believe that "democracy" means "rule by Democrats." Anything else they regard as contra naturam, against the nature of (virtuous) things, and therefore beneath consideration...

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