Eight Stages Of Liberty

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November 8, 2022, will determine whether America begins the return to abundance or continues on its present course toward bondage.
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Steve Rossiter
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Canada Free Press
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14 May 2022
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Our American Future
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A Scottish historian and judge in the early 19th century, Alexander Fraser Tytler, has been credited with the development of The Eight Stages of Democracy....

According to whoever developed the theory, the average age of the world’s democracies is around 200 years. After roughly 200 years, nations collapse due to various economic policies and are followed by a dictatorship.

The Eight Stages of a Democracy, from beginning to end, go:

  • from bondage to spiritual faith;
  • from spiritual faith to great courage;
  • from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance;
  • from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy;
  • from apathy to dependence,
  • and finally, from dependence back to bondage....

The earliest American immigrants of spiritual faith broke out of European bondage in the late 15th and early 16th centuries and established a presence on the North American Continent. In the early 17th century, their spiritual faith had developed into great courage. Then in the last half of the 18th century, their courage earned them liberty. By the start of the 19th century, their liberty allowed for the development of great abundance in North America, which was fully realized by the middle of the 20th century, at which time great abundance peaked out.

By the beginning of the 21st century, the slippery slope of complacency was well established, and North Americans became too comfortable because life was too easy. Now here we are, nearing the end of the first quarter of the 21st century and the level of apathy is almost palatable...

We North Americans are a wildly positive and optimistic people. Our Judeo-Christian upbringing suggests that we love and trust one another without question. When things begin to go awry, we are often very slow to recognize it. We don’t see it in real time; we see it in our rear view mirror, as we did it in WWI, WWII, and now the existential threat of Marxism in America and Canada.

For the last half century the progressive liberal Marxists have bullied the constitution-loving conservatives and allowed the Marxists to keep moving our countries further and further left, until we have the situation we have today...

A major portion of North America’s population has already left apathy and fallen into the dependency trap. With COVID 19, our governments further tricked otherwise self-sufficient citizens into dependency with the jab. Today’s Marxist American government has moved nearly half of the U.S. population to some level of government dependency...

The number of new illegal foreigners does accomplish one thing: it massively increases the number of people required to ultimately form a majority of people living in America who will be dependent on government, the last stage before the tyrants re-establish and inflict bondage on the whole nation....


Know the warning signs of white privilege:

  1. Strong Work Ethic  
  2. Plans/saves For The Future  
  3. Obeys the rule of law  
  4. Marries after high school  
  5. Has skills, training, degree or owns business  
  6. Honors traditions  
  7. Respects differences in others  
  8. Has impulse control  
  9. Able to delay gratification  
  10. Religious, spiritual, or ethical  
  11. Polite and well socialized  
  12. Self-responsible