Ballot Counting Fraud: Election Results Will Not Match Polling

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Conservative Treehouse
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17 June 2024
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National News
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... Remember, elections are no longer about "votes," modern elections are about "ballots". The election winner is not the person who gets the most votes. The election winner is the person who collects, submits and counts the most ballots. The contest for electoral victory is who gains the most ballots, not votes...

That said, at the end of the ballot harvesting operation in the key state counties for Democrats, there are precinct workers who are then tasked with counting those ballots.

The number of ballots needed to change the outcome of the election, is essentially the determining factor in how many ballots the precinct workers in the key districts count...

If another 20 million actual American people vote for Donald J Trump the system has an offset. The millions of illegal aliens who have entered the country are generating millions of additional ballots that might be needed. The illegal aliens don't need to vote, they just need to generate ballots by registering their physical presence in the correct state or county as needed. The ballot collection and ballot counting groups will do the rest.

This is the challenge to overcome in the 7 to 11 counties where the 2024 operation will be executed...


How non-citizens are getting voter registration forms across the US - and how Republicans are trying to stop it, New York Post, 14 June 2024:

Welfare offices and other agencies in 49 US states are providing voter registration forms to migrants [illegal alien invaders] without requiring proof of citizenship, leading Republicans and conservatives to call for swift federal action to stop the handouts.

Every state but Arizona - which recently passed a law barring the practice on state but not federal forms - gives applicants for either welfare benefits, driver's licenses, or in some cases, mail-in ballots voter registration forms without demanding proof of citizenship.

There is currently no requirement on federal voting forms to provide proof of US citizenship, though it is illegal to falsely claim one is a citizen or for a non-citizen to cast a ballot in a federal election.

But millions of migrants with humanitarian parole, refugee or asylum status are eligible for benefits that would bring them to the offices where voter registration takes place.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 ordered states to register voters at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and agencies where Americans apply for public benefits - and those offices are required by federal law to hand over the registration forms along with the application papers...

The House Administration Committee last month approved the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act to require states to receive proof of citizenship when anyone registers to vote by mail, at a DMV or a welfare agency office...

How many of the 500,000 newly 'legalized' US 'citizens' will vote this November? 

Welfare Offices Providing Voter Registration Forms To Illegals Without Proof Of Citizenship, ZeroHedge, 24 June 2024.

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