Combatting the 'Long Count'

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American Thinker
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12 June 2024
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National News
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The Trump era has seen a new election phenomenon: Modern-day American Bolsheviks in blue cities have been distorting local elections by counting votes well past election day. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this election distortion plague.

Remember how the Democrat mantra was "every vote must be counted" rather than every legal vote being counted? In my August 1, 2023 essay, Beware the 'Long Count', I discussed the mechanics of this new phenomenon...

We know that, in November 2024, Democrats will inevitably re-employ long counts in these cities in hopes of again creating enough chaos to distort the process and enable counting until our corrupt, doddering, senile "President" might again miraculously be declared "victorious" after lightly campaigning around naps, feedings, and diaper changes.

In "Beware the 'Long Count,'" I also introduced the concept of the "bogey," another of the keys to voter fraud. The bogey represents the vote differential between the Republican candidate (who is leading) and the Democrat (who is trailing) when the in-person election polls close...

Once the polls close and Democrats determine the bogey, they continue counting, either by repeatedly scanning the same [Democrat] ballots or by bringing in additional pre-printed ballots from outside until enough ballots are "counted" (really created, retrieved, or recounted), until they've assured a Democrat victory...

... this approach to ending counting fraud requires a spine and immense moral courage on the part of the elected officials in the Republican counties, which is by no means guaranteed..


The Guy Who Organizes Ballot Counting Says Election Results Will Not Match Polling, Conservative Treehouse, 16 June 2024:

... Remember, elections are no longer about "votes," modern elections are about "ballots". The election winner is not the person who gets the most votes. The election winner is the person who collects, submits and counts the most ballots. The contest for electoral victory is who gains the most ballots, not votes...

That said, at the end of the ballot harvesting operation in the key state counties for Democrats, there are precinct workers who are then tasked with counting those ballots.

The number of ballots needed to change the outcome of the election, is essentially the determining factor in how many ballots the precinct workers in the key districts count...

If another 20 million actual American people vote for Donald J Trump the system has an offset. The millions of illegal aliens who have entered the country are generating millions of additional ballots that might be needed. The illegal aliens don't need to vote, they just need to generate ballots by registering their physical presence in the correct state or county as needed. The ballot collection and ballot counting groups will do the rest.

This is the challenge to overcome in the 7 to 11 counties where the 2024 operation will be executed...


From Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse, 30 June 2024:

... Biden was installed for a single 'throw every leftist wish list item at the wall' term in office. Biden equaled, one single term where every far-left agenda item would be triggered; with hundreds of millions poured into the donors' vault...

But don't forget to think.. and watch out for what comes next...

When you think about who will replace Joe Biden, remember the baseline.

The problem democrats have is not that Biden has lost his marbles or is losing the election, the problem is that Biden is losing by a scale that is too big for them to cover.

Democrats don't need a candidate who can beat Donald Trump; they need a candidate who can give plausibility to ballot counting results that say Trump lost.

The issue for Biden is that he makes the fraud too easy to see. Democrats don't need a candidate who can win votes, the Democrats need a candidate who makes fraudulent results seem plausible.

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