Not Your Grandpa's Democrat Party Anymore

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John Cylc
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Article date: 
20 March 2024
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Our American Future
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Older voters need to open their eyes.

The Democratic Party has drastically moved to the left...

The core of elected Democrats, at local, state, and federal level have pushed so far to the left that it's hard to tell where Democratic stops, and Socialist/Communist begins.

Coincidentally, in the decades since President Ronald Reagan left office, Republicans have also moved towards the left.

Only conservatives have stood fast, or even moved a little to the right.

The contrast is why Democrats constantly refer to the "far right" - because they [the democrats] have moved so far in the opposite direction...

Up until Bill Clinton's presidency, Democrats actually cared primarily about "the little guy" and U.S. citizens in general...

The Democratic Party has shifted from support of the Constitution, America, and its citizenry to support of globalism.

But globalism does not want:

  • Borders
  • Individual freedom
  • Equal treatment under the law
  • Independent Republics
  • Strong national militaries
  • A strong U.S. dollar
  • America

You can't support globalism and a strong America...


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