Here Is What Scares Me

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Mark Lewis
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Article date: 
24 May 2024
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Our American Future
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Can Donald Trump actually win the election this year? Frankly, I am still very fearful that Joe Biden will be re-elected in November... all the polls really tell us is how much the Democrats will have to cheat to win. Because they WILL cheat, we all know that...

As a trained historian, it is my opinion that Joe Biden is the worst president America has ever had...

That is one thing that scares me - the American people don’t demonstrate much knowledge, wisdom, or virtue anymore... 

Here's what scares me. There is the "Left" and the "Right" in America today... What we face is, that the Left has no morality at all. They have no scruples, there is absolutely nothing they won't do to obtain and hold power...

Decency has moral limitations. The Democrats have none. That’s what America faces in 2024. And it scares me... the amoral win because there are certain limitations on the descent; that’s what makes them decent...

2024 may be the most critical election in American history. It will tell us whether America has truly turned the corner from decency to barbarism, and whether there are enough true Americans left in the country.


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