How Colorado has voted in presidential elections (and how its politics have changed) since 1980

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Rural voters still lean Republican, but their relatively small numbers are overshadowed by the urban centers
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Denver Post
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22 December 2017
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Colorado News
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Colorado was once a reliable Republican win in presidential elections. In the 18 elections that took place between 1920 and 1988, Democrats won the state only four times. In the seven elections since, Democrats have won four times, including the last three...

As the cities vote, so goes the state
Colorado’s population increased by nearly 90 percent between 1980 and 2015 — from about 2.9 million to 5.4 million — with the majority of that growth happening in urban areas...
Rural voters still lean Republican, but their relatively small numbers are overshadowed by the urban centers...
In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump won rural voters by a 15 percent margin (about 52,000 votes) — 54 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 39 percent — but among urban voters, Clinton enjoyed an 8 percent margin (about 188,000 votes), 50 percent to 42 percent...


The Post pointed out how votes have changed since 1980, but not why. Perhaps it would help to connect the dots:
  • America's population will double this century because of mass immigration
  • People have fled California which is impacted by out of control mass immigration - particularly illegal immigration. Illegal immigration directly impacts the cost of living and quality of life in California.
  • Refugees from California have moved to Colorado's urban areas, bringing with them the liberal open borders mindset that has created the California we know today.
  • Colorado's voting preferences reflect this new demographic.
While some people migrate to Colorado from other areas for economic gain and quality of life, it is fairly obvious that these urban dwellers are of similar liberal open borders bent.
As Colorado becomes more and more like the California quagmire, we wonder where people will flee to next? Oh, yeah - Idaho is the hot new American refugee destination.