How Many Millions of Illegal Aliens Does the Democrat Party Need to Destroy America?

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Mark A. Hewitt
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Mark A. Hewitt
Article date: 
21 March 2024
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National News
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...When I moved to Washington, D.C., no longer with the Border Patrol, every year I heard reports from the networks or in the Washington Times reports of the number of illegal aliens in the country, and every year I would say B.S. because I had been there in Del Rio, collecting annual performance data, where the numbers of APPs and GOT AWAYs remained fairly uniform, 1 million apprehensions and 2 million GOT AWAYs, even when the Border Patrol grew to 20,000 Agents.

But noteworthy, every year the various media reported there were about 10 million illegal aliens in the country... 

The Democrats and the media just engaged in military-grade propaganda.

It may be possible Trump's policies and wall construction projects prevented millions of apprehensions and GOT AWAYs every year only to be reversed by Biden when he moved into the White House.

In my October 2023 American Thinker article, Democrats Plot to Turn Texas Blue, the Democrats are welcoming foreign invaders into the country in violation of established law for a simple reason; to change the dynamics of the next election. President Ulysses S. Grant would call their actions traitorous...

... today's illegal alien is tomorrow's Democrat voter.

... Do not think illegal aliens are peaceful; that is Democrat and media propaganda...

The full treachery of the Democrat party is now on display as some idiot Democrat members of Congress are suggesting, "let them into the military, let them become police, let them vote. "Democrats must believe they have enough illegal aliens in the country now to ensure they will always remain in power... They are one signature away from making it impossible for Republicans to compete in any election, and one-party communist rule will dominate...

Are Americans waking up to the fact that Washington Democrats are domestic terrorists who have not only lied to them on what is happening at the border but that there was another purpose to Biden opening the border to invaders?...


Biden's Border Patrol Lifts Razor Wire To Let Illegals Into America, Former Agent, VDare, 3 April 2024.

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