It's Time for an Immigration Moratorium

Article author: 
Jason Richwine
Article publisher: 
Thomas D. Klingenstein
Article date: 
27 March 2024
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Our American Future
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Editor’s Note: America is being attacked by a revolutionary regime intent on destroying the American way of life. This regime believes that a just society is based, not on individual merit, but on group quotas; hence we call this regime the “group quota regime.” Like all revolutionary regimes, the group quota regime must:

1. destroy the existing regime;
2. bring into being its desired regime; and
3. acquire the power necessary to achieve 1 and 2. 

We should understand each of the policies of the group quota regime as serving one or more of these purposes. Take open borders. It serves both to destroy the American way of life (by introducing millions of people with cultures different from our own) and to provide power to the group quota regime (through the addition of more Democrat voters).


When... Biden took office, the foreign-born population in the United States stood at 45 million. By the end of 2023, that number had risen to a record 50.4 million... the absolute number of immigrants living in the U.S. hit all-time highs...

When we hear “moratorium,” then, we should understand it as a policy that permits the lowest reasonable number of immigrants to the United States; that is, the number closest to zero that still accounts for the clear-cut exceptions...

Preserving American Culture

... Culture matters on two levels. First, individual communities work better when they possess high levels of “social capital,” meaning interpersonal networks bound by norms of trust and reciprocity...

Culture also matters at the level of the nation. The economist Garett Jones has written that economic prosperity requires wealth-creating institutions supported by a culture dedicated to preserving them...

As new immigrants followed the initial settlers, each wave imported cultures that permanently changed the United States... consider that the level of trust and civic engagement among European American groups correlates strongly with the level of trust and civic engagement among corresponding groups in Europe...

Closely related to cultural change is political change, and a minimum-immigration policy would slow this down as well. With about two-thirds supporting Democratic presidential candidates, naturalized citizens make clear with their voting patterns that immigration bolsters the political strength of the left...

Protecting American Prosperity

But while immigration is often seen as another tool to slow population aging, it is inefficient to the point of impracticality. Immigrants are only slightly younger than natives, and their fertility rates tend to decline by the second generation. Combine those facts with the sheer size of the existing U.S. population, and the annual number of immigrants necessary to maintain - not raise, just maintain - today’s working-age share of the population through 2060 is five times the current immigration level...

As immigration surges to record levels nationally - and as Republicans eye the White House once again - we should remember that there is an alternative, and it offers a much better deal for America.


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