MAGA and the Uniparty

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The Last Refuge
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1 June 2024
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Our American Future
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The article, Rejected Ron DeSantis Positions His Voice Following Trump Conviction, discusses the irreconcilable differences between MAGA and the Uniparty. Excerpts follow.

...The illusion of the two-party system is comfortable to the psyche, and the beneficiaries of the cognitive dissonance work earnestly to keep up pretenses. However, there is a great awakening happening as people realize the UniParty is very real.

Democrats want power, Republicans want money. Democrats use money to get power, Republicans use power to get money. The ideology of the Democrats drives their donor activity, while the donor activity of the Republicans drives their ideology. This is the structural difference between both wings of the UniParty apparatus...

In the past several decades, the motive of a Republican or Democrat politician, advancing their influence by running for political office, has absolutely nothing to do with representing the interests of the American people. Nothing...

It is critical to understand that both the DNC and RNC are private corporations with no affiliation to government.

The MAGA base of support cannot trust this Republican corporate group...

Donald Trump is not a problem for the Republican Party; Donald Trump is our response to the problem within the Republican Party...

It is critical to understand, the MAGA economic policy is essentially a national policy completely, and uniquely, under the control of the office of the President...

In essence, if you take money from the multinationals, you cannot deliver on MAGA economic outcomes for banking, trade, finance etc. And that's exactly where we run into the problem...

MAGA cannot be purchased. It is a political outlook that seeks only to enhance the best interests of the American people, regardless of consequence for the multinationals or foreign beneficiaries of globalist U.S. economic policy. Unfortunately, as a result, all of the beneficiaries are aligned to make sure the MAGA economic policy outlook is extinguished. There are literally trillions at stake. This reality underpins the opposition to Donald Trump...


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