Our Country or No Country

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The Biden regime's disastrous immigration policy has done irreparable damage to our nation
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Paul Ingrassia
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American Mind
Article date: 
18 January 2024
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Our American Future
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America is experiencing the worst catastrophe at its southern border in its entire history. An estimated ten million illegal migrants [illegal aliens] are expected to have entered from Mexico by the time Biden completes his first term, a number that exceeds the total population of 40 of 50 states...

As many Americans suspect, Biden’s disastrous immigration policy is operating by design. From the start of his administration, Biden actively incentivized illegal immigration with policies such as halting deportations; ending the pandemic-era “Title 42”; suspending “remain in Mexico”; lowering the standards to qualify for asylum; resuming catch and release; and dismantling parts of the border wall. Border patrol, at both federal and especially the state level, has been neutered. Countless instances of border patrol agents removing barbed wire and other fencing to facilitate illegal border crossings have been documented... Meanwhile, the Biden regime has demonized ICE beyond repair...

The influx of illegal migrants is exacerbated by the number of illegals already residing in this country - official estimates are anywhere between ten and 16 million, figures that are widely believed to be a dramatic underestimation. The real number is likely an additional ten, 20, or even 30 million-plus: meaning that potentially upwards of 1 out of every 10 people currently in the United States is here unlawfully.*

A society that cannot preserve the integrity of its borders, a fundamental role of government, has abdicated its national identity...

... the timeless adage Rome fell from within should be a premonitory reminder of what is now happening to America, which is on the verge of outsourcing its cultural identity to the world...

The southern border wall must be completed, fortified, and ideally, militarized...

A ten-year moratorium on immigration should be imposed on every part of the world. The process of naturalization should be rigorous. New citizens must not only be able to pass the standard citizenship test, but demonstrate proficiency in the English tongue...

...a revolutionary approach is ultimately what is required to reverse all the damage done by the Biden regime and its suicidal immigration policies....


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