Our Democracy™: The Democratic Weaponization of Government

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The Need for Decentralization
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Roger Kimball
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American Greatness
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28 January 2024
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Our American Future
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The Constitution aimed to limit the power and reach of government; its rival aims to make government triumph everywhere.

Reading Matt Taibbi's summary how the Democrats weaponized the government against Donald Trump, starting before the election of 2016 and proceeding right up to the present moment, I am reminded once again that the issue is not democracy but "Our Democracy™."

...It sounds absurd. It is absurd. But, as I and many others have pointed out, that is the story we are being asked to swallow. This is the logic:

Trump is a "threat to democracy."

Ergo, we must use "any means necessary" to keep him off the ballot.

Otherwise, people might vote for him, and that would be "bad for democracy."

The arrogance of this gambit is breathtaking...

It all adds up to what I have called "the Sovietization of America."...

Let's say Trump wins in November... What should he do then?

Here is an incomplete list.

The overriding imperative, as I have argued before, must be to do everything possible to reduce the place of Washington in the metabolism of American political life. To this end, Trump should endeavor as far as possible to govern the country from outside of Washington. The first symbolic act should be to hold the inauguration someplace other than Washington. I do not insist that it be held in Mar-a-Lago, but why not?

As to specifics, on the first minute of the first day in office, Trump should take a page from Bill Clinton. He should fire every Democratic prosecutor. All of them. With immediate effect.

One of the first things the Clintons did was to fire the head of the IRS and put their own man in place. Trump should do the same. Ditto for the FBI...

There are thousands of political appointments in the gift of the president. All Democrats and pajama-boy Republicans should be purged on day one by 12:02. All of them...

Washington is the headquarters of the enemy camp. It is not simply that it is overwhelmingly Democrat, though it is that. More important is the fact that it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Party State. What do I mean by the Party State? I mean that hypertrophied faction that has gained control of the government of the country. It has a monopoly on virtually all the levers of power, cultural as well as political...

Trump's victory, assuming it comes about, will be Pyrrhic unless he battles the Leviathan head-on...


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