Transnational Criminal Organizations Expanding Under Biden Regime

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Daily Mail
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14 May 2024
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National News
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America's migrant gang invasion MAPPED: ISIS in LA, Venezuelan sex-traffickers in Texas and Chinese drug lords in Maine. Now check if a violent enclave has sprung up in YOUR neighborhood...

A brutal Venezuelan sex-trafficking gang is now in America's biggest cities.

Chinese organized crime syndicates are running drug farms with slave labor in half a dozen US states.

Mexican drug cartels are operating vile human smuggling operations over the southern border with near impunity.

And on Tuesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehended eight alleged ISIS operatives in Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia.

The thread tying all of these imminent public safety and national security threats together is a runway illegal immigration crisis exposing America to an invasion of 'ghost' criminals, paramilitary foot soldiers and potential terrorists...

Now, more than three and a half years after... Joe Biden's inauguration, is revealing the full devastating - and perhaps, irreversible - impact of his administration's systemic dismantling of U.S. national security and the groups that have thrived off the lawless border...


Approximately 10 million illegal [alien] migrants have settled in the U.S. since Biden took office in January 2021 - nearly doubling the undocumented [illegal alien invader] population...


For months, law-enforcement officials across several US states have sounded the alarm about the rising number of Chinese gang-run cannabis growing operations.

Oklahoma has shuttered some 1,000 marijuana farms since late 2020 - nearly all of them linked to Chinese organized crime rings, officials say...

These are the consequences of nearly four years of... Biden's open border polices.


Biden’s Immigration Order Will Normalize 2 Million Migrant Entries Yearly, Breitbart, 5 June 2024.

The Most Obvious Political Gaslighting Effort in Modern History, by Sundance, The Last Refuge, 5 June 2024:

... Joe Biden’s first day in office he reversed all of the border security measures President Trump had put into place – specifically, the remain in Mexico policy...

Joe Biden’s first day in office he reversed all of the border security measures President Trump had put into place – specifically, the remain in Mexico policy.  Now, with massive backlash starting to permeate the American electorate as the consequences of lawlessness are hitting hard, Joe Biden pretends he is not to blame for an unsecured border.

This is the biggest attempt at political gaslighting in modern history...


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