US Joins New Climate Pact to Shut Down All Coal Plants

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Special climate envoy John Kerry has announced the Biden administration's latest climate pledge—to stop building new coal plants and shut down existing ones.
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Epoch Times
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4 December 2023
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National News
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The United States has "proudly" committed to not build any new coal-fired power plants and to get rid of existing ones entirely, John Kerry, special presidential envoy on climate matters, said on Dec. 2...

...  the United States had officially joined a coalition of 56 other countries who all plan to ditch coal in the name of climate change...

While no specific date was given for when the Biden administration plans to nix existing U.S. coal plants, other regulatory actions by the administration zero in on 2035 as the year when coal ends...

Just below 20 percent of U.S. electricity was powered by coal as of October, according to the Department of Energy (DOE)...

China saw coal power projects jump in 2022, even as the country pledged to pare coal consumption by the end of the decade...

The second-largest consumer of coal, India, has also seen its consumption rise...

... more than 15,000 jobs in the coal sector will be lost per decade in the 2030s and '40s...


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Biden regime is quietly pumping more oil than Trump did:

Rising gas prices are a threat to any incumbent president, and the decision to pump more oil may be a tacit recognition of that fact. With the presidential election less than a year away, Joe Biden will be trying all that he can to ensure that voters won't be feeling the pinch as they go to the ballot box.

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... After Kerry’s many trips to Beijing and his earnest pleas for cooperation on climate, the Chinese Communist government announced a 42 percent increase in the production of coal-based electric generation.

India is even more aggressive. According to the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air:

“Three non-captive coal plant expansions (3.9 gigawatts, or GW) received permits in the first five months of 2023 alone, up from zero the year before, as well as seven other coal plant proposals (7.6 GW) also moving forward in the permitting process by receiving Terms of Reference, and two additional coal plants (2.9 GW) appeared under consideration for the first time this year…

“India has an estimated 65.3 GW of proposed, on-grid coal capacity under active development: 30.4 GW under construction and 34.9 GW in pre-construction (14.4 GW permitted, 11.8 GW pre-permit, and 8.8 GW announced). This capacity represents nearly a third of the country’s operational on-grid, non-export coal capacity (212.5 GW).”

Other countries expanding their coal-based electric generation include Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Laos...


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