"#WalkAway" founder Brandon Straka announces HUGE J6 victory

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21 December 2023
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National News
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Positive news seems rare when it comes to January 6th, but sometimes the good guys win one against tyranny. That’s exactly what happened to “#WalkAway” founder Brandon Straka. He’s been under relentless pursuit and harassment for his non-violent, lawful presence at the January 6th event... Here's what Brandon said in his post on X celebrating his victory:

I have WON the J6 civil case against me by the corrupt, lying, leftist Soros-funded DC nonprofit lawfirm Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (@LawyersComm).

Over 2 years ago I was served in a civil lawsuit by 8 black and brown Capitol Police officers whom I’ve never met, had no contact with on J6, and whom I was not even within proximity of.

They sued me under the KKK Act, alleging that I engaged in a white supremacist attack on black and brown police officers, that I caused their “injuries” (which included being pepper sprayed, and becoming “exhausted”) and conspired to encroach on their civil rights.

Almost every detail and allegation against me was a lie. In fact I’ll say: a KNOWN lie.

Knowing that I committed no violence on J6, and didn’t encourage anybody else to either, this lawsuit alleged that I “violently” breached the barricades of the Capitol and proceeding to attack police officers- including the plaintiffs.

The case entered discovery, where we gathered evidence that conclusively showed that none of these officers were even on the side of the building I was on during my brief time on Capitol grounds. One of the plaintiffs was in Maryland at the time I was there.

This case cost me well into 6 figures to defend, and hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time- which is, of course, the whole point.

The left has weaponized our legal system, turning Democrat majority districts into a playground where they can abuse the process to harm those who get in the way of their political agendas.

But this case was even too preposterous for the DC courts, and after years of fighting-

I have won.

This is a much needed victory for truth, for decency, and for even a shred of restoration of our faith that justice still exists within corners of our legal system.

I thank you all who helped support me through this battle. Your support got me through- and my victory is your victory.

Please share this victory with everyone you know, and God bless you all.

In addition, the Supreme Court is poised to upend over 300 felony J6 convictions, and possibly obliterate Jack Smith’ case.

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