Why the U.S. should not take in Muslim immigrants

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Nonie Darwish
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Pamela Geller - Atlas Shrugs
Article date: 
14 December 2015
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National News
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..If by absorbing large numbers of moderate Muslims from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc., are we really helping these nations to reform? The answer is no, and this is why.

Western governments are reassuring their alarmed citizens that they are vetting the Muslim immigrants and bringing in only the good and peace-loving Muslims, which is questionable, to say the least. Judging from past history, Western governments have failed in their vetting of Muslim immigrants and have allowed in many shady characters, jihadists, radicals, haters, Islamic groups and mosque leaders that are loyal to the jihadist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror groups. It is good to remember the efficiency of our vetting process when ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, sent an extension to the visa of one of the 9/11 terrorists about 6 months after 9/11/2001...

Who will lead the badly needed reform movement in Islam in the heart of the Middle East if most or all moderates move to the West?...

It is also good to ask, before we allow them in, if large numbers of Muslims immigrant will benefit the West?

That should not be difficult to answer, since we have 1400 years of history of Islamic conquest and immigration around the world. The one thing we must learn is that Muslims do not assimilate and are forbidden from doing that by Sharia. The political and social structure and culture of every country that absorbs large number of Muslims was challenged and changed. Muslims aim at changing the government of host countries rather than adjusting. If you do not believe that, please read the demands of any Muslim minority in a non-Muslim countries.

I have no doubt that many immigrants to the US from the Middle East, of whom I am one, both Muslim and Christian, have assimilated and positively contributed to America.

But unfortunately, it is a fact that a good portion of Muslim immigrants to the West have jihadist goals closely tied to the best interest of Jihadist Islam. Even if the original parents who moved to America were vetted as moderate, there are no guarantees that their children will not radicalize. All they need to do to get radicalized is read the Quran and follow the requirements of Sharia...

Most Western nations that are absorbing a large number of Muslims are not reproducing; they have a low birth rate. Muslims are aware of this population imbalance in the West, and are taking full advantage of it as part of their jihad...

What the West does not understand is that Muslim governments are dependent on and in need of getting rid of their ever-expanding population to the West, in order to lift the pressure on them for reform, modernity and change. It is important to mention that modernity, change and novelty are rejected by name in Sharia...



Anyone Using The Phrase ‘Islam Is A Religion Of Peace’ Needs To Read This, Mark Durie, Theologian (Australia), Independent Journal Review, December, 2015.

...While there is a link in Arabic between salam, a word often translated ‘peace’, and Islam, the real connection is found in the idea of safety.

The word Islam is based upon a military metaphor. Derived from aslama ‘surrender’ its primary meaning is to make oneself safe (salama) through surrender. In its original meaning, a muslim was someone who surrendered in warfare.

Thus Islam did not stand for the absence of war, but for one of its intended outcomes: surrender leading to the ‘safety’ of captivity...

Is Islam Reformable?, Amil Imani, American Thinker, December 17, 2015.

...The idea of reforming Islam is not entirely new.  But Islam cannot be reformed the way Christianity was... In the mind of millions of Muslims, Islam is carved in granite, just the way it is. No change. Allah's book is sealed...

Islam is not reformable for the following primary reasons:

* At the heart of the problem is the Qur'an, Islam's sacred book, considered as literally perfect and the immutable words of Allah...
* Islam is a perfect religion...
* Violence is part and parcel of Islam...
* Islam is a super-religion...


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