Beijing's Malign Intent

Book review of:

Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans
by Peter Schweizer
2024, 320 pages, 89 pages of footnotes
ISBN-10: 0063061198
ISBN-13: 978-0063061194


The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.


Blood Money by Peter Schweizer

In 1999, two Chinese Air Force colonels authored the book Unrestricted Warfare. The book described how China, acting behind the scenes, could weaken Americans' faith in their own country and infuse Americans with disgust in themselves and their country. The strategy was to attack American culture, economics, and politics on multiple fronts, and indeed encourage Americans to attack their own institutions.

Today, the tentacles of the Chinese Communist Party reach everywhere. In the heavily-researched book, Blood Money, Peter Schweizer describes how the strategies of Unrestricted Warfare have been successfully used by Bejing to undermine our society and our institutions, while our political leaders willfully ignore the consequences.

Schweizer concludes that:

My research for this book has led me to conclude unequivocally that Beijing has demonstrated malign intent and practices toward the United States.

The book is organized into four sections, according to classic Chinese military proverbs.


Section 1. Murder with a Borrowed Knife

Blame someone else for your crimes.

While Mexico is blamed for the fentanyl crisis, China is in fact orchestrating every aspect of the crisis. In northern Mexico alone, approximately 2,000 Chinese nationals work to import the ingredients to produce the drug.

America's politicians are either compromised or unwilling to confront China. As a consequence, fentanyl is now the leading cause of death of Americans under the age of forty-five. More than 67,000 Americans have died - more than the combined American combat deaths in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. The end result is that China has been able to remove a large number of military-aged males from our population, while turning many more into liabilities to society.

By the late 1980s, Chinese triads controlled 60 percent of the heroin entering into America. The fentanyl crisis has been more than half a century in the making.

Our political leaders are complicit. Schweizer notes that a Chinese influence operation in 2012 illegally funneled $800,000 into Obama's reelection campaign through straw donors. Joe Biden has been notably quiet in discussing China's involvement in the drug trade. As Schweizer recounted in his book Red-Handed:

members of the first family received some $31 million in deals from a small group of Chinese businessmen with deep ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence...

The fact that a Chinese businessman who showered millions on the Bidens is partners with a crime syndicate partnering in the distribution of fentanyl into the United States might be shocking enough. But there is more. Hunter Biden also received $1 million from one of Ye's executives, Patrick Ho, who was charged and convicted in the United States on bribery charges at the United Nations.

Schweizer notes that:

fentanyl could also damage the Kerry-Heinz family investment portfolio. The family's fortunes are tied up in considerable investments in mainland China, including major stakes in Hillhouse China Value Fund ("over $1 million"), Tiger Global LP ("over $1 million"), and Teng Yue Partners ("over $1 million"), among others.

Schweizer also observes that "[California governor] Newsom has a history of shielding the CCP from legitimate criticism while cultivating commercial ties with China." He documents many instances of such actions.


Section 2. Watch a Fire from Across the River

Set your enemy's business on fire, then watch the chaos.

Per unrestricted warfare, China is surreptitiously sowing social chaos in America. China is arming criminals in America with Chinese firearms, while our political leaders remain willfully ignorant. For example, China has deployed through Mexico a simple device that converts a Glock handgun into a machine gun.

The nineteenth-century Opium wars were considered by China to be a Century of Humiliation. While the Chinese people were the victims, Imperial China was the target. Sweitzer notes that today, China has turned the tables:

Beijing now works to create a Century of Humiliation and weaken the United States by fomenting division by putting weapon-enhancing technologies into the hands of felons and criminal gangs, but also fueling social division on US streets.

Schweizer discusses racial conflict and social chaos as an opportunity to insert Chinese influence in order to magnify resulting societal damage, noting that:

[China] has a distinctive system that blurs the lines between classical espionage, clandestine operations, and influence-seeking.

In 2003, the Chinese military updated the PLA Political Work Regulations to include "Three Warfares" to be used: "Public Opinion Warfare, Psychological Warfare, and Legal Warfare." Schweizer observes that:

The Three Warfares speak to a strategy of destroying enemies from within by exploiting their problems and steering unrest within rival countries during peacetime. This is targeting the "soft underbelly" of America...

Whereas hundreds of thousands of Americans protested peacefully during the summer of 2020, Beijing-tied groups were among those looking for violent action.

Schweizer observes that racial diversity has been one of America's greatest strengths, and this is perhaps why Beijing is so intent on subverting racial harmony.

The book does contain a significant error, however. In discussing social unrest, Schweizer writes, "The callous killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25, 2020, near Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparked peaceful protests against police brutality and involved hundreds of thousands of earnest Americans nationwide."

We now know that George Floyd was a thug who died from a drug overdose, not from police malfeasance. Floyd's blood contained a multiple of the fatal dose of fentanyl. (See "The George Floyd, Jr. Narrative Unraveled - The Whole Story Was a Lie".)


Section 3. Hide a Dagger in a Smile

Your victim won't suspect you are out to kill him if you're friendly.

Today China utilizes social media as a crucial tool to create political and social strife in America.

In 2020, YouTube discovered and banned nearly 2,600 channels linked to Beijing. Schweizer notes that: "The point was not to take a side but rather to boost divisiveness by amplifying competing, emotionally-charged viewpoints."

This particularly informative section describes how ByteDance's TikTok - which is banned in China - is designed to dumb down America's youth. In China, a ByteDance app called Douyin is used instead, which is designed to cultivate educational and intellectual interests. ByteDance is wedded to the Chinese Communist Party military-intelligence-industrial complex.

TikTok, which has been banned on U.S. government devices, collects an astronomical amount of information - as much as half a megabyte in less than 10 seconds. Every TikTok feed is unique. Content is customized for each individual subscriber, and there is no way to know what any individual is seeing.

Schweizer writes that:

The genius of TikTok lies in its algorithm's ability to push highly addictive, personalized content... TikTok and social media platforms to a 'modern day Trojan Horse.'

Schweizer notes that according to a leading Chinese PLA strategist, China is engaging in:

  • "Perception manipulation" via propaganda, by changing how people look at the present.
  • "Cutting off historical memory" by warping their views of their own country's past so people will be open to changing their values.
  • "Changing the paradigm of thinking" by targeting people to change the way they view problems and thereby changing their beliefs.
  • "Deconstructing symbols," by getting people to reject certain traditional symbols and thereby modifying a nation's identity.

Schweizer documents that powerful American investors who had an ownership stake in ByteDance also happened to be big donors to the Democrat Party and to the Biden campaign.

China is now heavily involved with Hollywood and video game production in order to influence America's younger generations. Schweizer lists numerous movies that included positive references to China, including: The Martian, The Great Wall, Midway, and Looper. Indeed, it should be anticipated that most new content from China-influenced Hollywood will contain mandatory favorable references to China.


Section 4. Loot a Burning House

Set a house on fire, then steal what you can.

This section focuses on the China Virus - that is, COVID-19. The author documents how our health care leaders hid information in order to protect themselves and their Chinese colleagues.

When the China Virus erupted, China began buying up medical supplies from around the world. Schweizer documents that by the end of February 2020, a stunning two billion masks had been bought up from other countries, including America, and shipped to China.

Schweizer notes that in 2017:

the Chinese military's handbook The Science of Military Strategy included a new section on biology and mentioned using biological weapons for "specific ethnic genetic attacks."

He also notes that today, "Evidence abounds of cases on US soil of secret Chinese police stations."



In his book Blood Money, Schweizer has documented China's objective:

After all, their goal is to "Sow discord in the enemy camp . . . to perplex, shake, divide, and soften the troops and civilians on the opposing side...

they want to erode American pride and create disgust - because while "anger drives people to the polls; disgust breaks up countries."

Schweizer concludes that:

What Beijing is doing has all the elements of a war: physical casualties (from fentanyl, illegal gun enhancements, and covid manipulation), mental casualties of indoctrination (from TikTok, Hollywood), and a clearly defined objective: the undermining and defeat of the United States. That is because it is a war - an unrestricted war that has redefined the weapons and battlefields.

Read this book. It presents information that is crucial for Americans - and their political leaders - to understand.


The War That Will Destroy Us - And that we refuse to face, by David Horowitz, 8 April 2024.

Why Taking Over Africa Is a Key Part of Beijing’s Silent War Against America. China’s influence over the lives of Africa's 1.5 billion people is now so broad it includes food production, resource mining, and military leadership schools. By Darren Taylor, Epoch Times, 7 April 2024.

Video: Weapons of Mass Migration - Important Documentary, Epoch TV, 13 May 2024:

32:30: "The FBI has documented thousands of cases of Chinese nationals being investigated for, or found guilty of spying... Many of them [Chinese nationals] will be coming for subversive purposes. Many of them... will be special operators from various militaries around the world, including the Peoples' Liberation Army in China."

32:50:"There is a fifth column in the United States that absolutely wants to destroy this country. They are passionately dedicated... to the destruction of The United States not just as a nation, but even as an idea. And to do that, you have to bring in people who would serve as a catalyst to that process."

36:00: "The multipolar world agenda is a euphemism for destroying the United States... There will be a combination of Russia and China dictating to everybody around the world... We'll see chaos on a global scale until America is extinguished and the power shifts completely."