Climate Change: Our Absolute Stupidity and Absurdity

In the course of human events, our species has become the "Scourge of Disaster" on this planet. Our species wrecks the oceans with 170 trillion pieces of plastic as reported by Scott Simon on National Public Radio. We dump millions of tons of chemicals into the ultimate toilet: our oceans. We saturate the air with our smoke, our factories and our total disregard for the ecosystems of this planet.

We humans burn 100,000,000 barrels of oil every day of the year. We burn billions of tons of coal annually. We create electricity. We burn billions of metric tons of natural gas. We burn forests for fuel. Is it little wonder we're cooking up the planet?

Somehow, we're in denial as to what we're doing to this planet. We've done nothing to stop plastic trash from inundating our oceans. We refuse to stop the chemicals - whether it be glyphosates from Roundup or deadly chemicals used in everyday life.

Glyphosate is a herbicide that's used to control weeds and grasses. It's the active ingredient in many herbicide products, including the popular Roundup. Glyphosate has been registered as a pesticide in the U.S since 1974, and it's also commonly used in many other countries around the world (along with DDT). Herbicides containing glyphosate are also referred to as weed killers. It's now found in human breast milk, wines and more of the foods we eat.

But the "Biggie" facing humans in the 21st century stands out as "Climate Change" or "Catastrophic Climate Destabilization." I first learned about it in 1997-98 while I was a journalist at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I wrote about it, but no one would take me seriously. Whether you understand it or not, or believe it or not, we're treading in some deep water without life preservers. Like a riptide, we can't see it, but it is boiling in the atmosphere all over the planet.

In 2023, responsible countries pretend to reduce their carbon footprint by electric cars. Which, by the way, do nothing to stop climate change. Everyone works toward clean burning coal. Which by the way, does nothing to stop climate change. Everyone supports natural gas burning. Which by the way, doesn't stop climate change.

The Biden Regime forces our country to buy more electric cars, forces the end of natural gas burning, forces a host of solutions that will not stop climate change.

What really exacerbates climate change? Answer: human population. Every four days, humans add another 1,000,000 people to the planet. Every year, humans add 80,000,000 more people to this planet. In America, we add from 8,000 to 9,000 people daily with legal immigration. With Joe Biden's new open borders mandate, we've added 8,000,000 new "resource competitors" in the past 30 months. Along with our normal 1,000,000 legal immigrants, we've added 10,000,000 "resource competitors." They, in turn will birth at least another 10 to 20 million more kids if they have 1 or 2 children per woman.

What does that mean? Added to our own "population momentum" of 1,000,000 annually, net gain, it means we are WELL on our way to adding 100,000,000 people to our civilization who will be fighting for resources in the next 25 years. Why isn't anyone talking about it? Answer: because no one in high places wants to educate the American public as to what's coming. We are all in denial of the consequences.

Understand this fact: Every single one of those new additions is a "resource competitor." Every single new baby, legal immigrant and illegal alien, and other people added to America and the world competes for water, energy, resources, food, land, transport, housing and more.

Therefore, no matter how many measures we pretend to promote, we don't stand a chance against the sheer numbers of added millions and billions of "resource competitors." According to the United Nations, humans will add at least another 1 to 2 billion by 2050, net gain.

Why is it that this single journalist exposes the obvious, understands the ramifications of the numbers, and comprehends what's coming - but cannot make a dent across the USA?

What is the human carrying capacity of Colorado as to water, energy, resources, space, air quality, I-70's traffic nightmare, Brown Cloud, and all the nasty aspects of an overcrowded Front Range. There's not a single person in Colorado who  will stand up and say, "We need another 3 to 5 million people added to Colorado because it's going to be good for our state."

Unfortunately, demographers tell us that Colorado will add that many people in the coming years. We don't have the water. It's nuts for us to keep growing our population. It's clearly unsustainable. It's clearly against common sense. It's clearly a HUGE loss in quality of life. Once the numbers manifest, there will be NO solutions.

Who would stand up in California, with 40,000,000 people, and beg for the projected 20,000,000 more expected in 25 years? Would those individuals tell us that those numbers would solve "climate change?"

And yet, Joe Biden floods our country with millions upon millions of resource competitors as if we stand a chance of surviving their numbers. Remember that the third world horde adds 80,000,000, net gain, more people annually. For Biden and all the other organizations trying to stop "Climate Change", I must ask, "What are you people smoking? Where is your common sense? What don't you understand about the ‘Exponential Growth Factor'? Why won't you address reality instead of your ridiculous fantasies of stopping climate change via electric cars, et al?"

At some point, we Americans will not be able to dodge, deny or escape reality. This "climate thing" will be the final curtain for our civilization. If not the "climate thing", it will be the "water thing" or "resource thing" or "energy thing." We could have changed course. We could have moved toward a balanced, stable, and viable population that we chose since 1970 when American women averaged 2.03 children each. But instead, we allowed Teddy Kennedy to flood the country with massive, unrelenting and disastrous immigration to give us another 130,000,000 unwanted, unneeded and totally unsustainable humans added to our country.

Do you think your kids will survive another 100,000,000 "resource competitors?" If you don't think they will survive, why haven't you screamed to your senators, House members, governors and newspaper editors to stop this invasion madness? Why isn't this topic on every radio talk show and TV network program 24/7? Why aren't we educating our citizens and leaders as to what our civilization faces? Why won't we give ourselves a chance to survive this nightmare by changing course? Why are we sitting by and watching the slow-motion death of our country?


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